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Jael Wena and The Wena family miss out on 'The Voice Generations' Australia title

Image Source: Channel 7

Jael Wena, Australia's 2018 Junior Eurovision representative, has competed with her family, The Wenas, in tonight's Grand Finale of Channel 7's 'The Voice Generations'.

The Wena family nailed their performance of Tones and I's 'Cloudy Day' but missed out on the win, with the winner's title and $20,000 prize money going to Coach Rita Ora's father and daughter duo Caitlin & Tim who sang a cover of Sia's 'Alive'.

As in the Battle round, Jael's father David, brother Israel and sister Esther had to rehearse and perform remotely as they tested positive to COVID-19 during the show's recording.

But the family took it all in their stride, with coach Guy Sebastian telling them he was so proud of their performance and that Tones and I would be so proud to hear her song sung like that. He admired the family's unity and joy, saying:

"When the Wena's start harmonising it's magic...I've loved getting to know you as people".

There was another Eurovision connection to the show, with Coach Keith Urban's father and son duo Ty & Eddie performing 'Beggin'', the cover hit from Italy's Eurovision 2021 winners Måneskin.

After the show aired, the Wena family went live on their social media channels saying:

"Congrats to Tim and Caitlin on winning 'The Voice Generations' tonight! We are so grateful for this opportunity and this is only the beginning for the Wena family!!! We love you guys, thank you for your love and support".

You can follow the Wena family's musical journey via their social media pages -

Jael can be followed here -

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