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Italy: RAI reveal 27 artists for Sanremo 2024

Sanremo Music Festival is a cultural phenomenon in Italy - spanning five nights, around 25 hours total and is the selection for Italy's Eurovision participant in 2024.

It will run nightly from February 6 to 10, at approximately 9pm CET locally. RAI ('Radiotelevisione italiana') is the Italian broadcaster of both Sanremo and Eurovision.

The competition will once again be hosted by the much adored Amadeus - this will be his fifth and final year as artistic director. He will be joined by cohosts Marco Mengoni (Night 1), Giorgia (Second Night), Teresa Mannino (Third Night), Lorella Cuccarini (Fourth Night) and the enigmatic Rosario Fiorello on the final evening. Much to the delight of Sanremo fans everywhere!

Artistic Director of Sanremo Music Festival - Amadeus. Photo Credit: VoceAlta.

Generally the winner goes on to participate for the Mediterranean nation at Eurovision - however; Sanremo has never been a simple 'national final', on occasion if the winner declines the opportunity than it is up to the broadcasters to select someone else from that participating year (not necessarily 2nd place).

2023 Sanremo Participants:

  • Fiorella Mannoia

  • Geolier

  • Dargen D'Amico

  • Emma

  • Fred De Palma

  • Angelina Mango

  • La Sad

  • Diodato

  • Il Tre

  • Francesco Renga & Nek

  • Sangiovanni

  • Alfa

  • Il Volo

  • Alessandra Amoroso

  • Gazzelle

  • Negramaro

  • Irama

  • Rose Villain

  • Mahmood

  • Loredana Berte

  • The Kolors

  • Big Mama

  • Ghali

  • Annalisa

  • Mr. Rain

  • Maninni

  • Ricchi & Poveri

In addition to the listed artists, three successful competitors from the newcomers' section of 'Sanremo Giovani' (final to be held 19 December 2023) will also compete in the 'big artists section' for the golden lion for a total of 30 artists at Sanremo. We're in for five very long shows!

Diodato winning Sanremo 2020

Amongst many fan favourites there are previous Eurovision participants: Ricchi & Poveri (1978 - 'Questo amore'), Emma (2014 - 'La mia città'), Il Volo (2015 - 'Grande Amore'), Diodato (2020 - 'Fai Rumore') and Mahmood (2019 - 'Soldi' & 2022 'Brividi').

In addition to the artists announcements we got a look at the stage for 2024, check it out below:

Sanremo Music Festival stage for 2024

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