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Iolanda will represent Portugal at Eurovision 2024 with 'Grito'

Credit: ESC Portugal

The final national final of 2024 took place in Lisbon with the broadcast of Festival da Canção 2024.

iolanda was victorious with her song 'Grito' which translates as 'Scream' over João Borsch and Leo Middea who tied for second place.

Iolanda Costa is a singer and songwriter from Pombal, a city 40km south of Coimbra- where last year's Festival da Canção winner Mimicat hails from. iolanda has appeared on numerous Portuguese television singing contests since she was 14 year old. In 2022, she co-wrote 'Mar No Fim' for Blacci in that year's edition of Festival da Canção. In 2023, Iolanda released her first EP 'Cura'. She was one of 14 entries to invited by broadcaster RTP to participate in Festival da Canção 2024.

Full Results

Results were determined by the televote and a series of regional juries allocating points in a 50/50 split (using the classic Eurovision scoring system from 12 down to 1).

The jury results were as follows:

12 Points: iolanda – 'Grito'

10 Points: Leo Middea – 'Doce Mistério'

8 Points: Buba Espinho – 'O Farol'

7 Points: Silk Nobre – 'Change'

6 Points: João Borsch – '...Pelas Costuras'

5 Points: Rita Onofre – 'Criatura'

4 Points: Rita Rocha – 'Pontos Finais'

3 Points: Nena – 'Teorias da Conspiração'

2 Points: Cristina Clara – 'Primavera'

1 point: Noble – 'Memory'

0 Points: Perpétua – 'Bem Longe Daqui'

0 Points: No Maka feat. Ana Maria – 'Aceitar'

Once the televote was added, this meant the final ranking was as follows:

22 Points: iolanda – 'Grito' WINNER

18 Points: João Borsch – '...Pelas Costuras'

18 Points: Leo Middea – 'Doce Mistério'

12 Points: Silk Nobre – 'Change'

11 Points: Rita Rocha – 'Pontos Finais'

10 Points: Buba Espinho – 'O Farol'

7 Points: Noble – 'Memory'

5 Points: Rita Onofre – 'Criatura'

4 Points: Perpétua – 'Bem Longe Daqui'

4 Points: Nena – 'Teorias da Conspiração'

3 Points: No Maka feat. Ana Maria – 'Aceitar'

2 Points: Cristina Clara – 'Primavera'

We will now see iolanda in Malmö, where she will perform in the second half of Semi Final 1.

Portugal has competed 53 times since their debut in 1964 and has won the Eurovision Song Contest once with Salvador Sobral and 'Amar pelos dois' in 2017. Last year Portugal was represented by Mimicat with 'Ai coração' which finished in 23rd place.

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