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Interview: Electric Fields on representing Australia at Eurovision 2024

Zaachariaha Fielding and Michael Ross from Electric Fields sat down with Dale from the Aussievision team to chat all things Eurovision ahead of representing Australia in Malmö.

We covered some important topics like how they were selected and how 'One Milkali (One Blood)' was chosen.

"We had to look at what songs we wanted to throw [in the ring]," Michael said.

"One of the ones we were considering was a ballad.... I went to our personal private back catalogue and found a folder that said 'Eurovision'!"

The use of Yankunytjatjara language in the song was important to Zaachariaha, saying:

"{We want to} showcase that there is over 400 different languages here in Australia, and it's engaging with Indigenous and non-Indigenous to learn and see eye-to-eye when it comes to culture."

The reaction of some fans to their song and aesthetic was also discussed with Zaachariaha stating:

"It's a stage song, so, they can just wait, and you can wait patiently and I'm not bothered! We know we can deliver a song and we're going to have fun....but we're good at what we do."

Although not in the published video, the duo did confirm they wouldn't be doing the European pre-parties and are preparing at home.

And what are they preparing for? We of course tried to get them to spill the tea on their Eurovision staging.

You'll have to watch the video to find out what they said (17:26 minutes in).

Check out the YouTube below for the full interview where they also talk Fleetwood Mac and the Janets (Jackson) plus their obsession with ping pong.

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