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Eurovision's slogan to permanently remain as "United By Music"

Credit: EBU

In a surprise announcement overnight, the EBU announced that the slogan for Eurovision 2024 and all future Contests would be: "United By Music."

The slogan was developed by the BBC for the Liverpool Contest in 2023.

Eurovision's Executive Supervisor Martin Österdahl, explained the decision to keep a permanent slogan.

"By establishing a permanent slogan, we will have consistency in our message that music unites us all. It’s the perfect slogan to underline our values of inclusivity, equality, universality and celebrating diversity through music," he said.

“As the popularity of the Eurovision Song Contest continues to grow around the world, we believe using the same slogan annually will help our brand become even stronger.”

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Eurovision has had a different slogan every year since 2002 (except for 2009 which had no slogan), so this is quite a departure from the regular approach.

Artwork is set to be revealed in the coming months, which will likely still allow some individuality to each Contest.

The EBU also gave a brief update on the full list of nations taking part in the Contest next year: "The list of public service media broadcasters who will take part in the Contest in 2024 is currently being finalised and will be published in its entirety once preparations are complete."

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