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Eurovision Fan Survey 2022: Who is the average Aussie fan?

We recently completed our fourth annual Eurovision Fan Survey with 447 fans from 44 different countries taking part.

With those results we found out what the most typical or "average" Eurovision fan was, but now we want to focus in on the Aussies.

Just over half of the respondents were from Australia and although there were some similarities, there were a lot of differences!

So who is the average Aussie Eurovision fan? The most "typical" is:

  • Male

  • In some form of relationship

  • 35-44


But let's go a little deeper than that....


Generally Aussie respondents were more likely to be:

  • Older (65% were older than 35 compared to 54% of all fans)

  • Female (44% compared to 37%)

  • In a relationship (55% compared to 50%)

  • Heterosexual (43% compared to 37%)


Aussie fans were similar to their international counterparts in that travel and pop music were their top interests.

The full rankings were (% is "very interested" in these topics):

  1. Travel – 53%

  2. Pop – 40%

  3. Quizzes/trivia – 37%

  4. Languages – 32%

  5. Reading – 32%

  6. Pop culture – 31%

  7. Geography – 31%

  8. History – 30%

  9. Politics – 29%

  10. Olympics – 25%

  11. Film/Cinema – 21%

  12. Gaming – 15%

  13. Tennis – 12%

  14. World Cup – 7%

  15. Football general – 5%

  16. Athletics – 4%

  17. Basketball – 0.5%

Aussies rated quizzes/trivia higher than international fans. Reading was also much higher than international fans and Aussies also rated Olympics higher as well.

How did fans get into the contest?

General promotion of the Contest was the main way Aussies got into Eurovision with 35% of fans in this segment. Parents were next best at 28%, which is lower than how the average fan got into Eurovision at 36%. Parents were the most common way international fans got into the contest.

Aussies were also more likely to discover Eurovision via their friends (18% to 13%) and their partner (5% to 3%).

When did fans get into the contest?

Australians were most likely to get into Eurovision during the 2010s (34%) and the 2000s (30%)

Somewhat surprisingly there wasn't a great deal of difference in which decade Australians became a fan of Eurovision to the average fan.

For example, 15% of Aussies became fans between in the 60s,70s or 80s, only slightly less than all fans at 17%.

Unsurprisingly 2015, the first year Australia took part, was the number one year people got involved followed by 2000 and 2010.

The most popular years were:

2015 – 18

2000 – 13

2010 – 13

2016 – 12

2007 – 9

2009 – 9

2012 – 9

1999 – 8

2006 – 8

Other popular years of the 20th century were 1983 (the first year the Contest was broadcast in Australia), 1997, 1996 and 1998.

How did Australian fans watch Eurovision this year?

Ratings for SBS were up this year but it's not the only way Aussies watched the Contest.

78% of Aussie fans taking part in the survey watched the Grand Final live in the morning on SBS.

33% of fans watched the delayed telecast, with a quarter of that audience watching the primetime show only.

10% watched the Eurovision YouTube livestream and 6% were lucky enough to watch it live in Turin.

Additionally, 93% of Aussies fans watched 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' in capacity. 60% of fans watched it live on SBS and 27% were lucky enough to watch it in the stadium.

Have they been to Eurovision before?

70% of Aussie fans have yet to go to Eurovision with another 17% attending on one occasion.

13% of fans have been at least two times, while a lucky 2% have gone five times or more.

Other behaviour

Compared to their international counterparts, Aussies are more likely to:

  • Go (35%) or host (30%) Eurovision parties

  • Be a member of an OGAE/INFE fan club (30%)

  • Have been to their own country's national final (35%)

They are less likely to engage with Eurovision fan sites and watch Junior Eurovision (22%).

Views on scoring, rules and countries taking part

Check out our 'Eurovision Fan Survey 2022: views on rules, scoring and countries competing' to see the views of all fans and how Aussies differed to their European and international counterparts.


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