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Survey results: Views from Australian fans on Eurovision 2024

Aussievision recently conducted a survey with Australian fans about the Eurovision Song Contest 2024.

This covered general information on how they watched the show, how many times they voted and if they've been to the Contest.

However, this also asked some tough questions on Israel's participation, booing and how they rated the show and EBU overall.

Additionally, fans were asked about SBS's coverage, Australia's performance and future in the Contest and how we should choose our artist.

In our first in a series of articles looking at the results. We're looking at their views on Eurovision 2024 and the EBU.

Firstly, who did we hear from?

We received 382 respondents with 343 residing in Australia.

Unfortunately, because many international fans took the survey we will present the results of fans living in Australia only. But we do acknowledge many Aussie fans live overseas.

Attendance, watching and voting.

  • 70% have never been to the Contest, 17% have been once and 3% have been five times or more.

  • 60% watched the Grand Final live on SBS, 7% live in the stadium, 3% on YouTube while 21% watched it delayed either On Demand or in the Prime Time replay.

  • 50% voted the full 20 times, while 31% didn't vote at all.

  • 50% watched with family and friends, 32% on their own and 10% in the stadium or at an event.

Israel's participation

When asked if Israel should have participated, fans responded:

Yes: 17%

Unsure: 13%

No: 70%

When asked if they should compete next year if the situation remains the same, the votes against participation increased:

Yes: 15%

Unsure: 10%

No: 75%


When asked if Eurovision organisers should cover up boos from the audience, fan responded:

Yes: 16%

Unsure: 13%

No: 69%

Other: 1%

How did they rate Eurovision 2024?

Respondents were asked to rate the Contest and other items on a five star scale.

These were the results of these:

How would you rate Eurovision 2024 overall - 3.28 stars

How would you rate the Eurovision 2024 show itself - 3.84 stars

How would you rate the coverage of Eurovision by fan media overall - 3.82 stars

How much trust do you have in the EBU - the organisers of Eurovision - 2.50 stars

We asked fans why they rated the way they did

Please note these are the views of fans and not Aussievision. We do not support nor condone. We do think it is important the voices of fans are shared whatever their opinion is.

Below are comments made by some fans responding.

EBU related

The way the EBU handled things this year cast a dark shadow over the whole event.

I rated trust in EBU a little less as the artists said it was a difficult year with a stressful vibe.

Corruption and bias. Disorganised and sponsorship dominated.

EBU made some very bad decisions this year.

EBU seriously stuck their foot in it multiple times, both in the lead up to and during the contest.

Eurovision 2024 has been marked with too many controversies.

Eurovision was the best and worst week ever - I cannot put into words how stressful but amazing the week was in the press centre. This could have been perfect but the EBU is spineless and instead they've jeopardised the entire contest.

I think we are all aware of the many things that went wrong - from allowing Israel to take part, to lying about covering up the booing on the telecast, to the harassment of delegations, etc.

EBU communication with community, press, and delegations was unacceptable. EBU enforcement of rules was inconsistent and dangerous. Inclusion of Israel allowed for the possibility of Israel winning the contest; a true disaster

The EBU should take accountability for their lack of consistency in making executive decisions this year which contributed to its state of disrepute that is undeniable today.

There was way too much politics behind Eurovision this year and much of it was focused on Israel competing. Given Russia and Belarus's expulsion a few years ago it's a bit double standards and had me questioning is it because of Morrocanoil being an Israeli company and a huge sponsor that Israel was allowed.

Chief among their blunders is the invitation and inclusion of Israel in ESC2024. That delegation proved themselves to be detrimental to the reputation of the contest, and to the health, safety, and wellbeing of the other delegations.

The EBU were disappointing

Martin needs to go, and the EBU needs to cut ties with MorroconOil and any Israeli sponsors. Israel should have been banned.

EBU director needs changing!

Netherlands disqualification

The treatment of the Netherlands between SF2 and the GF rehearsal was especially sub-par.

The chaos and negativity surrounding this Eurovision really affected the feeling of the show and the lack of information regarding Joost Klein’s situation made it even more unsettling.

The communication around the Dutch entrant getting disqualified was very disappointing. The whole thing became a circus about Israel and the song contest was lost.

The decisions made be the EBU were too harsh - the vibe in Copenhagen/Malmo was unsettled and felt disorganised.

Netherlands should not have been disqualified.

Also...we need to know what ACTUALLY happened with Joost.


I was very sad to read posts online from people saying that they had voted more than 20 times using different credit cards from multiple countries. I feel that this is cheating or at least not in the spirit of the rules. This would have seriously affected other contestants potential to get higher points.

There need to be a way to ensure we are voting for the songs and performances, not politically. I've heard of people who were somehow able to put in 60 points (and did so for Israel)...I'm not sure how they managed it...but political voting needs to's about the music.

Stop allowing multiple votes. 20 votes per person maximum!

Supporting EBU decisions

It was essential Israel competed - and lost. That an activist campaign cannot derail the Contest is a huge learning kerb and victory.

Those downvoting the EBU and 2024 Contest will largely be doing so because of the treatment of the Netherlands. People slamming the EBU with no real knowledge of the events are violence apologists and victim blamers.

Where draw the line? Other countries have participated in wars, do you disqualify them all?

The way Israel were treated was disgusting, Eden showed great courage, Israel are just defending their land.

Anti Israeli sentiment appalling !

Focus on positive

I do feel the media especially wiwi blogs hyped up all the goss & negatives of the week, especially the Joost & Israel components.

I concentrate on the positives and there were a LOT. Sure there were negatives but the press seem to always highlight them . Malmö did an exceptional job of protecting us & the protests were al pretty civilised exceot 1 at the GF.

Sad to see focus on negative notes positive.

With all that said, the other delegations, especially those artists that spoke out about their treatment this year should be commended, rather than punished, for their actions. Petra and Målin should also be praised for how they handled the situation they found themselves in.

The show this year itself was very good,


As a collective the Australian fans responding to our survey do not support covering booing (69%), Israel's participation this year (70%) or next year (75%),

Although they rated the Eurovision show itself high (3.8 stars) they rated the contest overall lower (3.3 stars).

They indicated a lack of trust in the EBU (2.5 stars) citing EBU's management of Israel's participation, communication over the Dutch disqualification, voting concerns, treatment of artists and a general negative feeling over this year as reasons why.

However, a healthy number of fans wanted more focus from media on the positives of the contest and for fans and others to remain apolitical in their participation with Eurovision. Many also supported the EBU decision around Israel and other factors.

We will bring you more results on SBS and Australia's participation and performance and who fans want to see represent the nation.

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