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Eurovision 2023: Voyager perform at the 'PrePartyES' Madrid Pre-party

Voyager on the purple carpet in Madrid for PrePartyES // Photo credit: Voyager

Australia's Eurovision 2023 representatives Voyager have begun their whirlwind trip across Europe for the Eurovision pre-parties, starting with Madrid.

Voyager performed at the second Spanish Eurovision pre-party of the year, which took place in Madrid overnight, where 28 Eurovision 2023 artists performed along with many special guests.

The Perth band performed their Australia Decides 2022 televote winning song 'Dreamer' followed by their Eurovision 2023 entry 'Promise' to a very energetic crowd at the Sala La Riviera.

In an interview with Eurovoxx at the PrePartyES Voyager were asked about their preparations ahead for Eurovision: "I feel like there is still so much to work on [and] to decide." ~ Scott

"But what we can say is that we are going to bring something a little bit extra to the show. This is Eurovision. We are a touring band. We have seven albums, toured around the world. And you always kind of dream, if we had a big stage like Eurovision, if we had all the things available to us what would we do. So now we do. And we will." ~ Danny

Voyager have also had an amazing time meeting with other Eurovision artists, speaking to the press and absorbing the Eurovision atmosphere ahead of the big show in Liverpool. Check out some of the photos below:

Voyager's next stop is the Eurovision 2023 pre-party in Amsterdam, 'Eurovision In Concert' which will take place on April 15. You can check out all you need to know about their shows here.

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