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Eurovision pre-parties: Where Voyager will be performing

As a Eurovision fan, you have to love the Eurovision pre-party circuit.

The events give the 2023 artists a great chance to flex their muscles and test out the crowd with their entry. And for fans, they are a great way to see and connect with the Eurovision artists outside the main contest in Liverpool.

This year there are six parties to choose from: Tel Aviv, Barcelona, Warsaw, Madrid, Amsterdam and London. This will be the first year that Poland will be hosting one of these events.

Like Sheldon Riley the year before, Voyager have put their name down to attend some of the pre-parties held before the big competition in May.

The first of Voyager's appearances is at the Madrid Pre Party ES being held 7 - 8 April.

Voyager will be appearing Saturday 8 April along with many other 2023 artists including Georgia, Estonia and Slovenia. Also appearing are some of the Benidorm Fest 2023 artists.

If you are lucky enough to be in Europe early, this could be a fantastic way to warm up to the big event the following month! You can find more information here.

Voyager will be attending the Eurovision in Concert event being held in Amsterdam on Saturday 15 April. This will include other 2023 alumni including Netherlands, Lithuania and San Marino, Malta and Latvia, as well as previous Eurovision artists such as Eurovision 1997 winner Katrina. Book your tickets to 'Eurovision in Concert' here.

Voyager will then be heading to London the following day on Sunday 16 April to attend the London Eurovision Party 2023, hosted by London Eurovision Party and Wiwibloggs.

Joining Voyager in London are more of the 2023 artists including Norway, Azerbaijan and Austria. While the event appears to be sold out, the website hints at another ticket release and you can register for the ticket waitlist here.

But wait - there's more! If you are following Voyager around Europe, and you are after a little more, well you are in luck! The band has also announced a side show in London.

On April 20 at the Boston Music Room, they are playing their own show and it is sure to be a sell out! If you are after a ticket, head here but be quick!

We can't wait to see how Europe embraces Australia's Eurovision 2023 entry!

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