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Eurovision 2023: Semi-Final 2 Dress Rehearsal live coverage

Today the first behind-closed-doors dress rehearsal of semi-final 2 is being shown in full behind closed-doors but with media access.

We will be updating this article with live updates of the show:

Denmark: Reiley - 'Breaking My Heart'

The staging is great and it really pops with the pinks and green. Reiley has great connection with camera to build connection with him. The falsettos need improvement, vocals are left a little exposed.

Armenia: Brunette - 'Future Lover'

Great camera shots, and Brunette is vocally great! The pink and purple marbling works a treat. We have a dance break, a difference from the music video. Great diction with the rap part and it is the highlight of the performance. A bit stagnant with the transition between parts of the song though. The stark black and white lighting is super impactful.

Romania: Theodor Andrei - 'D.G.T. (Off and On)'

Not sure where to begin. The overall visuals of the performance are very surreal. The acoustic start of the performance is nice and draws you in nicely. Interesting use of models in the visuals. A lot is happening, and Theodor is enjoying himself.

Estonia: Alika - 'Bridges'

Opens with the self playing piano. The first performance NOT to have pink featured. A beefed up version of the Eesti staging. Alika is solo out there...might have benefitted from a dancer. Vocals are the biggest highlight. Some really pretty LED moments.

Belgium: Gustaph - 'Because of You'

This performance really pops after the first four performances. The 90's house theme is turned up to the max. Great queer representation is here to slay. Great to see the backing vocalists getting. Vocals were on point.

Cyprus: Andrew Lambrou - 'Break a Broken Heart'

A powerful start with the falsetto start. Atmospheric staging with the elements of water and fire. Andrew's vocals are great!!! Andrew has great connection with camera. An anthemic end to the performance.

Iceland: Diljá - 'Power'

A real beefed up version of the national final staging. Diljá is the moment with her vibing to her own song for the three minutes. The final big notes had much more punch and impact vocally and visually than before. This has elevated hugely - she can't do much more.

Greece: Victor Vernicos - 'What They Say'

There is A LOT of Victor here...doubles on the floor, walls plus Victor himself. This has some good moments but some missed opportunities with the staging. Vocals were on point today.

Poland - Blanka - 'Solo'

Blanka has thrown the kitchen sink at this performance. From the fish eyes lens camera use, wind machine to the "fake Blanka" there is lot of offer for the viewers here. Interesting take on the dance break that really works. Vocals are good and she looks stunning.

Slovenia: Joker Out - 'Carpe Diem'

You really get to know each of the band members in this performance. It's not *just* about the front man. Lots of movement and personality. Vocals on point. As far as band staging goes - this is very dynamic.

Georgia: Iru - 'Echo'

There is a lot of the "scatting" type sounds that Iru makes in the live version. Mostly it works. There are some good moments here but overall it can feel a bit one-dimesional. The last minute goes somewhere but not the high this type of dramatic song demands.

San Marino: Piqued Jacks - 'Like an Animal'

They're mostly chilling at the back of the stage. Lots of red. Looks better in the second half when they light it better. Vocals were good. Some moments work quite well.

Austria: Teya and Salena - 'Who the Hell Is Edgar?'

That bass is unreal - it really sets the tone. The vocals could be stronger, hopefully they're just holding back. The crowd will really elevate this performance. Some head scratching staging choices.

Albania: Albina and Familja Kelmendi - 'Duje'

Albania looks STUNNING in a traditionally inspired outfits. This stands out IMMEDIATELY in terms of song style in the running order. The whole package is there. The red, fire and gold works a treat!

Australia: Voyager - 'Promise'

It was big and some really great camera shots. We're itching to know if the pyro was held back on and we'll see more tonight. Overall pretty epic and it'll lift with a crowd. Each band member gets to shine. Simone's guitar and Danny's keytar moment was great!

Spain: Blanca Paloma - 'Eaea'

This looks unreal!! Really good - all the shots with the tassle castle are very impactful. The red beating heart moments are really strong. Vocals on POINT. If you're a Spanish fan this won't disappoint!

Ukraine: Tvorchi - 'Heart of Steel'

This was SLICK - the song matches the visuals so well. Lots of blue and yellow but it looks STUNNING. Vocals have lifted somewhat. Ukraine are ALWAYS so creative with their LED use and camera shots. Really, really nice package.

United Kingdom: Mae Muller - 'I Wrote a Song'

The graphics look really cool - Mae is elevated on stage and integrated into the LEDS and it looks great. The bass really pops through the telly. Dancer moments on point. The high note is lower, she held back vocally quite a bit. With crowd she will lift.

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