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Eurovision 2023: Joker Out to represent Slovenia

Joker Out / Photo credit: Joker Out Instagram

In a surprise announcement, the Slovenian national broadcaster RTV Slovenija has revealed that "Shagadelic Rock" band Joker Out will be representing Slovenia in Liverpool for Eurovision 2023.

Joker Out includes Bojan, Jure, Kris, Jan, and Nace who are extremely popular in Slovenia and have dominated the charts for a number of years. When it comes to their music they look for the future, starting from the nostalgic influence of the past.

Some of Joker Out's biggest hits include 'Umazane misli' (with over 605 thousand streams on Spotify and over 1.5 million views on YouTube) and 'Gola' (with over 568 thousand streams on Spotify and over 1.2 million views on YouTube).

The groups most recent release is 'Demoni' which was out on October 31. It might give us a taste of what to expect from their Eurovision entry.

Regarding the creation of the song 'Demoni' the band stated on YouTube:

"The demons poured out of the band in the form of an experiment that the guitar presence of a "meat band" with club elements. They are the band's response to ambient beats and escape from reality." (Translated directly from Slovenian)

In a statement on the band said:

"All members in the band are big fans of the Eurovision. It is our wish to perform there for some time now, but we were waiting for the right moment. Although we are young, the fast progress of our career has brought us loads of experience, motivation and creative energy: we are ready for this challenge. Regarding the style of music present at the Eurovision Song Contest – we need to say that it is well past being defined or limited to just one genre. We are staying true to our distinctive Joker Out sound, no matter where and when we perform."

It is the first time since 2021 that RTV Slovenija have opted for an internal selection instead of their national final EMA. Since their debut in the Contest in 1993 it is only their third internal selection.

RTV Slovenija said the decision to opt for an internally selected act this year was not a hard one to make when presented with the opportunity of working with one of the most successful and exciting bands in Slovenia.

Joker Out's entry for Eurovision 2023 will be presented to the public in a special show on Saturday 4 February 2023.

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