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Eurovision 2022: Second rehearsals for France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain and Germany


Today the Big Five, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain and Germany, took to the stage in Turin for their second rehearsal at Eurovision 2022.

This was the first rehearsal that was open to the press so we were able to view the full three minutes of how each entry would look through the TV cameras.

Take a sneak peek of the video snippets, photos and commentary from Kyriakos of initial thoughts and of what to expect! **WARNING SPOILERS**

France: Alvan & Ahez - 'Fulenn'

"First run through - WOW this performance has some punch to it very impactful on the stage and vocally REALLY good! Camera work needs some tidying up, it's almost there!"

"Second run through - They turned up the heat! Lots of and mixed in with wildfire from Game of Thrones it works really well, the performance really lifted!!"

Italy: Mahmood & Blanco - 'Brividi'

"First run through - We have both Mahmood and Blanco! Very simple staging, lots of lighting moments. Very intimate opening from Mahmood. Vocals need some work, let's see how the other run throughs go."

"Second run through - So Malta wont be the only one with a piano this year! A much better performance vocally!! It's very intimate, both bounce off each other really well!"

"Third run through - NAILED IT!!"

United Kingdom: Sam Ryder - 'SPACE MAN'

"First run through - OMG I CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT I HAVE JUST WATCHED! I AM IN TEARS!!! THIS IS BEAUTIFUL! I JUMPED IN THE AIR SCREAMING AT THE SCREEN OMFG! The best staging I have seen in a long time, camera shot need some work. HUGE surprise at the end. I AM IN SPACE RIGHT NOW!!"

"Second run through - Ok I have come back down to earth lol. Sam's vocals are REALLY good, he gives extra oomph. There is nice use of smoke. Honestly this is beautiful."

"Third run through - Camera angles were much better. This is very good, you all will be very proud. As an Aussie I feel pride watching this!! I got goosebumps every time. Sam gives it 110%. Speechless."

Spain: Chanel - 'SloMo'

"First run through - Great addition of Spanish music elements, and nice vocal moments added in as well. The choreography is insane, it's next level! It was the first run and it was already REALLY GOOD!!"

"Second run through - Vocals amazing!! Choreo insane!! Can confirm there is a prop!! Esto es fuego!!"

"Third run through - This is perfect. She is ready for the EUROVISION GRAND FINAL. Some added pyro, and a bang at the end. *chefs kiss*"

Germany: Malik Harris - 'Rockstars'

"First run through - Vocally VERY GOOD!! The rapping part PWOAH!! Very intimate camera shots, very small staging wise which worked work with connection. The Big 5 are delivering this year!"

"Second run through - Perfect, it is ready for the Grand Final. A lot of camera close ups and connection with Malik, it is just what the song needs."

Watch out for Dale and Mike's rehearsal review for the Big Five and the podcast episode coming soon. Watch this space...

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