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Eurovision 2022 Montenegro profile: 'Breathe' by Vladana

Montenegro in Eurovision

Montenegro debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007 and has competed 11 times since then. They did not compete in 2010 or 2011 and withdrew again after 2019. 2022 marks their return to the contest for a third time.

Montenegro has never won the contest and have only made the Grand Final on two occasions (2014 and 2015). Their best ever result was 2015's 'Adio' by Knez which finished in 13th place.

2022 Entry: Vladana - 'Breathe'

  • Semi-Final: Montenegro has been drawn to compete in the second half of Semi-Final 2.

  • My Eurovision Scoreboard fan ranking: 25th of 40 entries

  • Odds to win ranking: 37th out of 40 entries

(Rankings as of 25 March 2022)

About the artist

Vladana Vučinić, 35, is a singer songwriter from Montenegro. She studied both music theory and opera singing at school and graduated from Montenegro’s State Faculty of Political Science with a degree in Journalism.

Her first television appearance was on the show 'Intro Karaoke' in 2003 and followed it with the release of her first single, which she performed at the 2003 Budva Mediterranean Music Festival. In 2005 she attempted to represent Serbia & Montenegro at Eurovision but did not make the final of the national selection show. Returning with Bojana Nenezić in 2006, the duo made the final but finished 15th.

Vladana continued to release music in the years that followed with her debut album 'Sinner City' released in 2010. An animated video was made for the single by the same name which received airplay on MTV Adria, a localised version of MTV customised for the Balkan countries.

Around this time, she also launched 'Chiwelook (Čiviluk)', an online fashion magazine containing fashion interviews with various Montenegrin musicians, politicians and cultural figures.

In recent years, Vladana has been active as a human rights campaigner, attending the World Forum for Democracy in 2013. In 2014 she graduated from The School of Democratic Leadership, a training program for prominent Montenegrin figures in government, journalism, and media. In an interview with the 'Analitika' website in 2014 she said:

“I have always been someone who wants to initiate changes and participate in them as a socially responsible citizen... I would like these changes to start from my hometown, changes that could make [Montenegro known as] a European metropolis in a few years.”

About the song

'Breathe' was written by Vladana in conjunction with Macedonian songwriter and producer Darko Dimitrov who also produced the track. Dimitrov has a long history with Eurovision, having written and/or produced eleven other Eurovision entries since 2006, not only for FYR Macedonia but also Albania and Serbia. The most successful of these was North Macedonia's 2019 entry 'Proud' by Tamara Todevska which won the jury vote and finished 7th overall, giving the country their best ever Eurovision result.

'Breathe' was inspired by the tragic death of Vladana's mother Zora in November 2021. Upon the announcement in January that she would be Montenegro's Eurovision 2022 representative, she posted on her Instagram page:

"A recent tragedy in my family devastated me... the song ('Breathe') miraculously just flew out of me, and I can freely say that this song is my heart broken into tiny little pieces, converted into music and words."

Upon the song's release on March 4, Vladana added:

"Breathe is originally dedicated to the most important person in my life who lost her battle against COVID... this is an (sic) homage to all the victims worldwide and their families who went through HELL when their dearest fought for breath... I can hear you, I can feel you, and I stand by you with this song! We should not forget them."

How they were chosen for Eurovision

24 artist and songwriter submissions were received by Montenegran broadcaster Radio i televizija Crne Gore (RTCG) in October 2021. A selection jury evaluated these and Vladana was announced as the successful artist during the TVCG 1 morning show 'Dobro jutro Crna Goro' on January 4, 2022. Her song, 'Breathe', was presented two months later during a television and online special titled 'Montenegro, dodici punti' on March 4.

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Montenegro will compete in semi-final 2 on May 12 (European time) in Turin.


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