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Eurovision 2022: Marius Bear reveals more on his Australian connections

Photo credit: EBU/ Nathan Reinds

Marius Bear, the Swiss representative at Eurovision 2022, recently revealed that he is half-Australian.

In a clip on Twitter from the official SRF Eurovision Song Contest account Marius talked about what it is like being in Appenzell, Switzerland, while revealing being half Australian saying:

"I think I am only half an "Appenzeller." I've been losing my accent a bit. And I'm half Australian, half "Appenzeller"."

We followed this revelation up with Marius on the ground here in Turin where he told Aussievision about his connections.

"So I've got an Australian passport, my father lived in Australia for seven years and my mother came to Australia for three to four years. I was born in Switzerland but then we went to Australia for a while," he said.

He went on to explain some of his child hood memories with Christmas being a stand out, saying:

"I had a really good time in Australia, like I was really impressed to see for the first time Santa Claus in shorts and stuff because it's so unusual to Switzerland."

Although he spent a great deal of time there and has a passport the 28-year-old has not been back for some time.

"Since I was eight, I never went back unfortunately, so I will definitely go back to Australia hopefully soon... we still have some relatives down there and friends from our family, sometimes do zoom calls, but I will come back definitely."

Although he hasn't been in Australia for a while, we will still claim him as yet another Aussie who has competed at Eurovision for another nation.

The first Australians to compete at Eurovision was 50 years ago when, Peter Doyle and Marty Kristian, who were part of The New Seekers, represented the United Kingdom in 1972. Since then we have also had artists compete for Denmark, Armenia, Germany and now Switzerland.

Marius will be singing his entry 'Boys Do Cry' which is a self-penned track in English, written alongside Canadian-German musician Martin Gallop.

Check out his second rehearsal clip below.

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