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Eurovision 2022: First rehearsals for the second half of semi-final 2

Photo credit: EBU / NATHAN REINDS

Rehearsals for Eurovision 2022 are well and truly underway!

Overnight the rehearsals for the first half of semi-final 2 began, take a sneak peek of some of the photos and snippets of what to expect! **WARNING SPOILERS**

Ireland - Brooke - 'That's Rich'

Photo credit: EBU / NATHAN REINDS

Brooke opened the proceedings for this evening with a pop of colour and some high energy pyro to boot! She appears on stage with four backing dancers in white dresses and ankle boots. Brooke herself wears an electric blue crop top and short combo with chiffon overskirt.

North Macedonia - Andrea - 'Circles'

Photo credit: EBU / NATHAN REINDS

Andrea has produced a very stripped back performance - on stage solo in an all black number with some pretty use of the lighting in the arena. Graphics are also projected onto screens to the side of the stage with hands in similar feel to 'Hear Them Calling' from the 2016 Contest.

Estonia - Stefan - 'Hope'

Photo credit: EBU / ANDRES PUTTING

Different to his Eesti Laul performance - it appears for the first rehearsal no gun slingers were present on stage! Stefan came out solo in an all black jeaned number, guitar in tote. I hope he is wearing some comfy shoes because he jumps and moves around the whole stage during the performance.

Romania - 'WRS' - 'Llámame'

Photo credit: EBU / NATHAN REINDS

Romania has certainly shown some of the most eye-catching outfits of the rehearsal block. WRS is joined on stage with two female and two male backing dancers. Each wearing deep red variations of the backing outfit. WRS tried two different tops on stage, not pictured was a red, silk, ruffled shirt he also performed in.

Poland - Ochman - 'River'

Photo credit: EBU / NATHAN REINDS

Ochman cuts a striking figure in a black suit on stage. He is joined by four contemporary dancers in tendril-like dresses with their heads covered. The LED screens appear to project his face during the performance. Notably, Ochman has blue lighting and the water fountain on stage to complement the 'River' effect.

Montenegro - Vladana - 'Breathe'

Photo credit: EBU / NATHAN REINDS

Vladana appears on stage solo with a floor length blue dress. The staging has deep hues of blue. According to her TikTok - she has a special "something" up her sleeve for "Eurovision night" in relation to her dress. We had glimpses of an elusive box that may host this special surprise.

Belgium - Jérémie Makiese - 'Miss You'

Photo credit: EBU / NATHAN REINDS

Jérémie showcases his huge voice in the snippet. He promised that his performance would have choreo and he delivered, he is joined on stage by four back up dancers. He is looking very slick in the silvery jacket!

Sweden - Cornelia Jakobs - 'Hold Me Closer'

Photo credit: EBU / NATHAN REINDS

From the snippet Cornelia's staging looks very similar to her Melfest performance, why change something that isn't broken. The staging remains intimate just like the song!

Czech Republic - We Are Domi - 'Lights Off'

Photo credit: EBU / NATHAN REINDS

The first rehearsal has fallen on Domi's birthday! So a very exciting day for her. The staging has a lot of strobe lighting with glimpses of a classical ancient statue, it's very energetic and compliments the song really well!

There you have it! Do you have any new favourite based on the snippets so far?

Rehearsals continue tomorrow with the bulk of the second rehearsals of semi final 1, including: Albania, Latvia, Lithuania, Switzerland, Slovenia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Moldova, Portugal, Croatia, Denmark, Austria and Greece.

The second rehearsal is open to the press so expect more in-depth exciting content shortly!

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