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Eurovision 2022: All the Live-On-Tape performances

Snippet of Ronela's live-on-tape. Photo credit: ERGI NUNE / RTSH

Over the next fortnight the official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel is releasing the Eurovision 2022 Live-On-Tape performances.

Not all the entries will be showcased though as a small number of broadcasters have elected not to have their Live-On-Tape performances released.

Last year the live-on-tape performances were presented through the second edition of 'Eurovision Song Celebration' most of the recorded live-on-tape (back up) performances from competing countries where presented, one week after the Eurovision 2021 Grand Final.

As a condition of entry, each broadcaster had to record a live-on-tape performance that can be used in the unfortunate scenario that an artist couldn't travel to Turin or had to quarantine on-site.

Below are all the Eurovision 2022 Live-On-Tape performances released so far:

Ronela Hajati - 'Sekret' (Albania)

Citi Zēni - 'Eat Your Salad' (Latvia)

Monika Liu - 'Sentimentai' (Lithuania)

Marius Bear - 'Boys Do Cry' (Switzerland)

LPS - 'Disko' (Slovenia)

Intelligent Music Project - 'Intention' (Bulgaria)

MARO - 'Saudade, Saudade' (Portugal)

Mia Dimšić - Guilty Pleasure (Croatia)

REDDI - 'The Show' (Denmark)

Systur - 'Með Hækkandi Sól' (Iceland)

LUM!X feat. Pia Maria - 'Halo' (Austria)

Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord - 'Die Together' (Greece)

The Rasmus - 'Jezebel' (Finland)

Michael Ben David - 'I.M' (Israel)

Konstrakta - 'In Corpore Sano' (Serbia)

Emma Muscat - 'I Am What I Am' (Malta)

Achille Lauro - 'Stripper' (San Marino)

Brooke - 'That’s Rich' (Ireland)

Andrea - 'Circles' (North Macedonia)

Stefan - 'Hope' (Estonia)

WRS - 'Llámame' (Romania)

Ochman - 'River' (Poland)

Jérémie Makiese - 'Miss You' (Belgium)

Alvan & Ahez - 'Fulenn' (France)

Malik Harris - 'Rockstars' (Germany)

Chanel - 'SloMo' (Spain)

The Live-On-Tape performances from the following countries were not officially released from the official Eurovision YouTube channel: Ukraine, the Netherlands, Moldova, Norway, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Australia, Cyprus, Montenegro, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Italy and the United Kingdom.

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