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Dami Im talks about her new album and possible return to Eurovision

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In a podcast with Pop Spot which is part of the 7NEWS podcasts, Australia’s most successful Eurovision participant Dami Im had a chat with Damien Haffenden about her highs and low of her music career, her upcoming album and Eurovision.

Dami talked about her experience when she represented Australia at Eurovision 2016 with ‘Sound of Silence’. When she thinks about the time and finishing in runner up place she said:

“It’s something that I like so proud of and it really… I am really proud of it and I will be for the rest of my life”.

She found that Eurovision changed her career and her life. It opened new doors for her, especially her connection with the Eurovision community, and feels very connected with the fans.

When it comes to the music she has been creating and releasing over the last year, it is music she is more comfortable with as an artist. In regards to the new material for her upcoming album Dami revealed:

“I will always be pop, whatever that means, I mean pop involves so many genres it just means that it is easy to listen to for a lot of people you know It’s not too experimental. I guess my music has evolved, but it’s still the same, like ‘Super Love’ and ‘Sound of Silence’, those are the most commercially successful music that I have released it sort of easy to listen to, but I try… I have learned to really open up in my song writing and just talking about things I just really feel deeply and I think when I was able to open about my experience and my venerability, it’s more universal and people are able to connect with it better.”

For her new music we can expect ballads and songs that are more minimalistic and simple production to give a raw sound. She has also mentioned collaborating with songwriter and producer OneAbove who have worked with the Hilltop Hoods. OneAbove produced her latest single release ‘Lonely Cactus’. Interestingly OneAbove also produced the Hilltop Hoods song ‘1955’ which features Montaigne and reached No. 2 on the ARIA charts back in 2016.

Watch the video Dami released during Eurovision week about 5 lessons she learnt from Eurovision:

When it comes to possibly returning to Eurovision she said in the podcast interview:

“I am not sure, I was thinking of coming back you know even next year (2022) but at the moment I am always changing, like my mind is changing its such a huge commitment and you just got to be ready to just focus on that and nothing else and I have to see if I have that much desire and you know energy to just focus on that, if I decide to do it.”

Well we hope Dami makes a comeback soon!

Also Dami Im is back on the road with her 'Piano, Songs & Stories' tour! This time Dami is touring Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales and then finishing up in her home state of Queensland.


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