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Dami Im announces new album release date but casts doubt on a Eurovision return

It's official! Australia's most successful Eurovision representative, Dami Im, will launch her highly anticipated album at the Bundaberg Milbi Festival on October 29.

She revealed the news on the ABC Wide Bay Breakfast radio show today in a chat with David Dowsett.

In the interview Dami shared that she will be performing a few songs from the new album during the festival.

"This album is the most authentic album that I have made so far. I have done a number of albums over the years. I have become stronger and mature enough now that I know what I really want in my music and in the past it was really tricky steering towards that direction, whereas now I felt this time around, I did have the time because Covid and the resources to really focus on what I really wanted from this record, so it's really honest and it's really vulnerable."

But in news that may disappoint some fans, she also cast doubt about a Eurovision return next year saying:

"Look that's been a really long story now, because I did announce officially that I was going to come back in 2021, which was this year, because last years got cancelled it got moved to this year. So whether that decision sort of just evaporated so it was now going, do I want to go back next year, or do I not. It's such a big commitment I am just not sure if I am ready to do that just quite yet."

Looking back to her Eurovision experience in 2016 where she finished in runner-up place (Australia's best result) with 'Sound of Silence', Dami shared that it was one of the most intense moments of her life revealing it was "stressful, yet exciting at the same time".

She remains very popular in the Eurovision fan community, recently winning the Aussievision poll of the best Australian Eurovision songs of all time. You can check out the full results here.

Dami has a huge month ahead!

Now with the new album being released, Dami is set to be star in the revived cooking show ‘Celebrity MasterChef Australia’ on the Ten Network on October 10. She will compete against some of Australia’s best-known athletes, actors, comedians, and celebrities for the title, you can check out the full line up here.

In other exciting music news, Dami will be releasing her newest single 'Pray' on October 8, tomorrow. The song is about finding hope and light in a really dark situation. You can pre-save the song right here.

Dami Im will be performing as a headline act for the 'Milbi Festival' Sunset Launch in Bunderberg, Queensland on October 29 from 4.30-6.30pm at Nielson Park Beach, Bargara.

The 'Milbi Festival' will begin with a smoking ceremony as the sun sets over the beach. The event is free. No bookings required, for more info check out the festival's website.


May 08

The validity of your ideas is enhanced by the inclusion of references and citations. You obviously spent a lot of time researching for this piece.

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Stephen Podesta
Stephen Podesta
Oct 07, 2021

Dami has been casting doubt on a return for a long time but most people have not been listening.

I think While Covid-19 is still in the world and EV is still under a cloud Dami wont go back.

If she goes back it will be when it is all over and back to Normal and that could be 2023.

In 2022 she will be doing a concert with Jess mauboy in Uluru NT in May.

I know because i have booked already as part of a Holiday.

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