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Bulgaria: Share your feedback on VICTORIA's potential Eurovision 2021 songs

Over the weekend, Bulgarian broadcaster BNT and iCard launched the platform for Eurovision fans to give their feedback on the six potential Eurovision songs for VICTORIA to sing in Rotterdam in May.

The website – – features a short video from VICTORIA asking fans to share their feedback, as well as all six music videos, along with a short quote from the singer about each of the songs.

In order to give their feedback, fans can hop onto the website, enter their name, email and country, and then click on the music videos to give their feedback. When you click on the website, it will ask you if you like the song, and then ask you to tell them why.

All comments must be received by February 28.

Here’s what VICTORIA has to say about each of her songs:

Imaginary Friend

“Everyone can relate to this story. Loving someone with all your heart does not mean they will love you back. Sometimes the love is unrequited and you just have to move on with your life.”

Growing Up Is Getting Old

“You can grow as a person in many different ways. Sometimes going back to your roots helps you to find your purpose on Earth.”

Dive Into Unknown

“The song was inspired by the beauty and calm of the sea. To dive into the unknown and take a risk even though you are not sure where the path will lead you is not an easy choice. But sometimes it’s your only way to grow.”

Phantom Pain

“The story in this song is really painful. I can even say it’s a fatal story. Sometimes a broken heart can lead us to dark thoughts.”

The Funeral Song

“What happens when you lose everything? The message of this song is to cherish everything we have and to live in the moment.”


“The message of this song is simple – everyone deserves respect. We are all people before anything else and we should never forget that.”

Which of VICTORIA's six potential Eurovision songs was your favourite?

Make sure to visit and leave feedback, and your favourite song might be chosen by BNT, VICTORIA, and iCard to represent Bulgaria on the Eurovision stage in Rotterdam!


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