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Bulgaria: VICTORIA releases new songs for her potential Eurovision 2021 entry

This week, every day we will see the Bulgarian Eurovision 2021 representative Victoria release a song from her new EP 'A Little Dramatic' - and all five of them are in contention to be internally chosen as Bulgaria's Eurovision entry by broadcaster BNT, alongside her previously released single 'UGLY CRY'.

After all six songs have been released, an online platform will be launched which will allow fans to leave their comments and feedback on the six potential songs, which will then form part of BNT's selection process, alongside feedback from music, radio and Eurovision experts.

The songs taking part in this internal selection process are:

  • 'UGLY CRY' (released November 21, 2020)

  • 'Imaginary Friend' (released February 14, 2020)

  • 'Dive Into Unknown' (released February 16, 2020)

  • 'Phantom Pain' (released February 17, 2020)

  • 'The Funeral Song' (released February 18, 2020)

  • 'Growing Up Is Getting Old' (released February 19, 2020)

So, every day this week, we will be updating this article with the latest song release and a little bit of information about it!


'UGLY CRY' is the only song in contention that doesn't form a part of Victoria's EP 'A Little Dramatic'. The song came out almost three months ago now, and has garnered more than 230,000 views on YouTube with its cinematic music video.

'UGLY CRY' is filled with dark tones and meaningful lyrics, and comes in a completely different style to 'Tears Getting Sober' (her intended Eurovision entry in 2020). Many Eurovision fans have commented that the song gives them the same vibes as many of Melanie Martinez's songs.

'Imaginary Friend'

Songwriters: Victoria Georgieva, Cornelia Wiebols, and Irma Eriksson Wadström

'Imaginary Friend' is a soft ballad that allows Victoria the opportunity to showcase her amazing vocal talents, and the song will be sure to connect with Eurovision fans, as Victoria sings about missing someone who isn't available for you, and someone that you never really knew to begin with.

'Dive Into Unknown'

Songwriters: Lukas Oscar, Pauline Skött, Victoria Georgieva, Borislav Milanov, and Peter St James

'Dive Into Unknown' follows along the same theme as her previous release, with another ballad, but has a more upbeat sound, and comes across as more of a power ballad than a soft one. The lyrics tell the story that moving forward is an uncertainty, but that you can't progress if you stay in the same place your entire life.

Songwriter Borislav Milanov has written a dozen songs for the Eurovision Song Contest in the last decade, including Poli Genova's 'If Love Was a Crime' (4th), Kristian Kostov's 'Beautiful Mess' (2nd), Cesar Sampson's 'Nobody But You' (3rd), and VICTORIA'S intended Eurovision entry last year, 'Tears Getting Sober'.

'Phantom Pain'

Songwriters: Helena Larsson, Victoria Georgieva, and Oliver Björkvall

In a change of pace from her previously released work, 'Phantom Pain' has a more upbeat pace to it, and with a beautifully creepy undertone to it. It has an infectious and instantly catchy melody, and haunting, meaningful lyrics, and the song ends with the music and VICTORIA's voice being manipulated and dramatically slowed down.

The music video features VICTORIA singing to a mirror in a bedroom, and appearing to be possessed. The sufficiently creepy music video fits the song well.

'The Funeral Song'

Songwriters: Helena Larsson, Victoria Georgieva, Christopher Samuels, Nellie Fors, and Oliver Björkvall

Despite its somewhat macabre title, 'The Funeral Song' is about learning to love and accept yourself, and, like 'Phantom Pain', has a more upbeat tune to it than VICTORIA's previous work. The final arrangement of the song received some assistance from the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra, who apparently also assisted with 'Phantom Pain' and 'Growing Up Is Getting Old'.

The lyrics of 'The Funeral Song' tell us that, while life is a bit of a mess sometimes, people should be living in the moment and giving it their all.

'Growing Up Is Getting Old'

Songwriters: Victoria Georgieva, Maya Nalani, Helena Larsson, and Oliver Björkvall

The final song to be released from VICTORIA's new EP, 'A Little Dramatic', is the gospel and choir sounding 'Growing Up Is Getting Old'.

'Growing Up Is Getting Old' is not a new song to VICTORIA. The song was originally written in 2019, and was even included in contention for her internal selection to Eurovision last year. The song is very personal to VICTORIA, and listening to it reminds her of her family and friends, and the people closest to her.

Is one of these songs the next potential Eurovision winner? Remember to tune in each morning as we update this article with the latest song release in the Bulgarian internal selection process!

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