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Australia's Eurovision 2022 result: Sheldon Riley reacts

On the weekend Sheldon Riley did us proud by finishing 15th in the Eurovision Grand Final.

Sheldon achieved Australia fifth best placing at Eurovision, only behind legends such as Dami Im and Kate Miller-Heidke.

Despite the excellent placing, it was sad to see Australia and that iconic performance only receive two televote points.

Today, Sheldon released this statement on his social media channels.

"In 2014 I PROMISED myself that one day I’d perform at The Eurovision Song Contest and make something of myself that I could be proud of.
I have lost SO many times.
This time, I won.
I will never forget this moment. I have a feeling you might see me again, but now, it’s time to take my mask off and for the first time love the man behind the crystals.

As always, Sheldon has shown himself to be a great ambassador of Australia and a true professional.

His iconic looks also caught the attention of Vogue Italia and New York Times.

A win all round for Sheldon Riley and we at Aussievision would like to congratulate him on his significant achievements this Eurovision season.


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