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Australia Decides 2022: G-Nat!on

About the artists

G-Nat!on are a six-piece girl group from Adelaide who many fans will recognise from the most recent season of The Voice Australia where they made it all the way to the Grand Final.

Details about the individual artists below:

Mateja is the youngest member of G-Nat!on. She's known within the group for being the member who hits the lowest notes when singing the harmonies and arrangements of the band. She has a love for pop, RnB, and jazz music, and also has a passion for musical theatre, having performed in many amateur musicals around Adelaide.

Taylah is already an established and successful songwriter within the group. Taking part in many songwriting competitions (alongside many singing competitions as well), she has had two top-three placings at the ACMF National Songwriting Competition. She has learnt to play the guitar as well as having taken professional vocal training.

Isla began studying at the Australian Company of Performing Arts Academy, where she pursued her love of singing, dance, music and performing arts on a full-time basis. She considers music and performing to be a part of her DNA. She is trained vocally, as well as in jazz, hip hop, tap, ballet, musical theatre, and contemporary dance.

Rylee is described as the "pop princess" of G-Nat!on. She has been taking dance classes for a decade now. Her passion for singing and dancing is fuelled by her big heart and her even bigger personality. Being a part of G-Nat!on has really helped Rylee with stepping out of her comfort zone and standing up for what she believes in, as well as understanding the importance of being different and unique.

Emma took her first vocal lesson at the age of 13, and is inspired by a range of artists from diverse genres, including RnB, jazz, rock, and indie and alternative pop. She has appeared in the lead role of musical theatre productions, performed in dance competitions, concerts, and vocal showcases.

Alessia has a love for beauty and cosmetics, which makes her feel confident and empowered, and in her spare time enjoys going to the beach with friends or shopping. The best part about being in G-Nat!on for her is the ability to inspire other people to follow their dreams.

About the song - 'Bite Me'

'Bite Me' is an up-tempo, empowering pop number and feminist anthem. The song was written by 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' 2019 contestant LeeA, two-time Downbeat award winner Erin McKellar and singer-songwriter Michael Paynter.

Speaking about the song, G-Nat!on said:

"'Bite Me' is all about being confident, fierce, and owning who you are. We wanted to perform a song that left us feeling a sense of empowerment and 'Bite Me' definitely does that."

What can we expect at Australia Decides?

There are two things we can pretty much guarantee from G-Nat!on at Australia Decides.

One of them is a whole lot of dancing. The girl group recently posted a video on their Facebook page showing a behind the scenes of 'Bite Me', which featured the girls practicing some of their choreography in a dance studio. And with such an up-beat number being performed, the dances moves are going to go with it quite nicely.

The second thing we can expect is a whole lot of fun! They look like they're having the time of their life in the behind the scenes video, and are living out a dream by competing to represent Australia.

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