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Australia Decides 2022: Getting to know G-Nat!on

Described as a powerhouse of harmonies, Adelaide based pop act G-Nat!on are a six piece all-girl group with incredible dance moves to match their vocals.

G-Nat!on have been announced as one of the second set of artists to be competing to represent Australia in Turin through 'Eurovision - Australia Decides 2022'.

The girl group first came to fame in Australia, earlier this year, through their participation on the tenth season of 'The Voice'. Making it through the blind auditions round with 5 Seconds of Summer's 'Teeth'. They made it through to the Grand Finale under the mentorship of international superstar Rita Ora, where they performed Beyonce's 'Run the World (Girls)', coming runners-up to Bella Taylor Smith.

Who are G-Nat!on?

The six member girl group are made up of Mateja, Taylah, Isla, Rylee, Emma, and Alessia. And we get to know more about each of them below:


At just 16 years of age, Mateja is the youngest member of G-Nat!on. She's known within the group for being the member who hits the lowest notes when singing the harmonies and arrangements of the band. She has a love for pop, RnB, and jazz music, and also has a passion for musical theatre, having performed in many amateur musicals around Adelaide.

She currently attends school as part of the Australian Company of Performing Arts Academy, where she gets the opportunity to focus on her dance and musical theatre skills on a daily basis.

Mateja's musical inspiration comes from artists such as Jorja Smith and Beyonce due to their tone and style. She aspires to one day be able to write and sing just like them.

Being a member of girl group G-Nat!on has been a life changing experience for Mateja, as it has empowered her to find her true self.


Infatuated with music since the age of 9, Taylah has learnt to play the guitar as well as having taken professional vocal training. Her talents don't stop there, though, having learned music production and songwriting in order to further improve her music skills.

Taylah is already an established and successful songwriter within the group. Taking part in many songwriting competitions (alongside many singing competitions as well), she has had two top-three placings at the ACMF National Songwriting Competition.

Her musical inspirations come from the artists she listens to in a wide variety of genres, including Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Chris Brown, Joel Corry, and Becky Hill.

Throughout her journey as a member of G-Nat!on, Taylah has built her personal confidence, and believes that it's best to always follow your heart.


Beginning dancing lessons from as soon as she could walk, and singing pop hits in the shower from a young age, Isla considers music and performing to be a part of her DNA. She is trained vocally, as well as in jazz, hip hop, tap, ballet, musical theatre, and contemporary dance.

Isla began studying at the Australian Company of Performing Arts Academy, where she pursued her love of singing, dance, music and performing arts on a full-time basis. Over the years, Isla has performed in many productions, musical theatre shows, and dance competition teams.

Isla's musical inspirations range from Doja Cat to Lily Allen, Blondie to David Bowie, and Harry Styles to Destiny's Child. And when she isn't listening to music, she likes hanging out with her friends or binging reality TV shows.

Being a part of G-Nat!on has not only allowed Isla to opportunity to flourish as a performer, but also to encourage and promote self-confidence, individuality, and girl power through music.


Despite being only 17 years of age, Rylee has been taking dance classes for a decade now. Her passion for singing and dancing is fuelled by her big heart and her even bigger personality. Rylee studies dance on a full-time basis at the Australian Company of Performing Arts.

Rylee is described as the "pop princess" of G-Nat!on, with her musical inspirations including artists such as Justin Beiber, Kehlani, Madison Beer, Shawn Mendes, and Ella Eyre.

Outside of song and dance, Rylee is a green thumb, caring a lot about animal and the environment. This encouraged her to become more aware about individual's impact on the world, and made the decision to become a vegetarian.

"See every day as an opportunity to better yourself."

Being a part of G-Nat!on has really helped Rylee with stepping out of her comfort zone and standing up for what she believes in, as well as understanding the importance of being different and unique. She uses her favourite quote (above) as inspiration both in her personal life and in the group.


Featuring an enthusiasm for all things music from a young age, Emma started playing the piano and attending dance lessons as a child. She took her first vocal lesson at the age of 13, and is inspired by a range of artists from diverse genres, including RnB, jazz, rock, and indie and alternative pop.

Emma attended the Australian Company of Performing Arts, where she received training in acting and performance, as well as dance training in jazz, ballet, and musical theatre.

She has appeared in the lead role of musical theatre productions, performed in dance competitions, concerts, and vocal showcases. And when she isn't performing, Emma enjoys songwriting, vocal arranging, and exploring fashion trends.

Emma loves being in G-Nat!on as it has provided her with a growing platform which she uses to inspire other young people to follow their passion, and promote female empowerment.


Aged 17, Alessia has been a performer since a very young age, and has always had a passion for being on the stage.

Alessia attended the Australian Company of Performing Arts Academy, where she trained in jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop, musical theatre, and voice, where she also had the opportunity to compete on a state and national level in dance.

Alessia has a love for beauty and cosmetics, which makes her feel confident and empowered, and in her spare time enjoys going to the beach with friends or shopping.

Her musical influences are Selena Gomez, Doja Cat, the Weeknd, and Khalid - artists who inspire her to be the musician she is today. The best part about being in G-Nat!on for Alessia is the ability to inspire other people to follow their dreams.

A journey through 'The Voice Australia'

The tenth season of 'The Voice Australia' (and the first to air on Channel 7) was an incredibly successful comeback for the franchise. Over the course of its thirteen-episode run, it never fell under the 1,000,000 metro viewer mark.

G-Nat!on was one of sixty-two acts to participate in the televised blind auditions round ('Australia Decides 2019' star Leea Nanos also participated, making the top eighty, however her audition was not televised). Their performance of 5 Second of Summer's 'Teeth' was enough for all four of the coaches turned their chairs, and the group selected international superstar Rita Ora as their mentor.

Following the audition round, the group were forced to battle it out in the dancers team during "The Cut", which saw more than half of those who made it through the auditions be eliminated.

During the second episode of the knockout round, G-Nat!on performed N*SYNC's 'Bye Bye Bye', which sent them directly through to the semi-final.

During the semi-final, Rita saved G-Nat!on with '7 Rings' over their competitor Sian Fuller with 'Drivers License', giving them as pass through to the grand final alongside Arlo Sim, Mick Farrington, and eventual winner Bella Taylor Smith.

Not an inexperienced act

Despite only coming to national (and international) attention through their participation on this year's season of 'The Voice Australia', it certainly doesn't mean by any standards that G-Nat!on are an inexperienced group.

The sextet have been together for several years now, establishing themselves back in late 2017, and have been releasing original music for a lot of that time.

The groups most recent original release, 'Mad About You', was showcased during their time on 'The Voice'.

Having been talent locals to the Adelaide area prior to their appearance on 'The Voice', and then coming to national attention following their Grand Finale appearance, it comes as no surprise that their next step is to bring themselves to international attention by way of their participation on 'Eurovision - Australia Decides'.

We can't wait to find out what Australia's very own girl group has to showcase at 'Australia Decides'. From singing in local productions to appearing on national television, and hopefully on to the Eurovision stage!


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