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Australia Decides 2022: Charley

About the artist

Claire Howell, aka Charley, grew up in a musical family on the Gold Coast. Her father was in a band which led to a love of music from an early age. Performing in local musicals, she took inspiration from the artists she grew up listening to on the radio including Kelly Clarkson, Jessie J & The Veronicas.

Appearing on 'The Voice Australia' in 2016 and 2017, Claire then moved to Sydney, reinventing herself musically as Charley. She began collaborating in songwriting sessions with local writers and also took herself to Nashville and Los Angeles in the United States to hone her skills.

About the song - 'I Suck At Being Lonely'

'I Suck At Being Lonely' was written by Charley in conjunction with Jim Alxndr, Jonathan Dreyfus and Thomas Walter Jordan and was also produced by Jim Alxndr.

“I wrote ‘I Suck At Being Lonely’ two and a half years ago with Jim Alxndr while I was in LA on a writing trip. The session that day turned into a therapy session as I was feeling so heartbroken over my ex. Everywhere I went I thought about him, especially at night when it was raining and I’d catch a cab home from a party, all alone. While Jim and I wrote and recorded ISABL that day, we both cried so much, turning the recording into one of the most cathartic experiences of my life.”

What can we expect at Australia Decides?

During an interview with us at Aussievision, Charley said she wasn't allowed to reveal anything about her 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' performance but a small snippet of footage did make its way in to her second YouTube Eurovision vlog. She has since revealed that her stage performance will be "setting the scene of a break up...kind of showing the beauty in the heartbreak and the beauty in going through a really tough time with a person that you love."

Watch our interview with Charley below

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Feb 25, 2022

Love Charley and her entry. Please vote for I suck at being lonely.

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