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Aussievision team's Top 10 National Final songs of all time

Voting is currently open in our sixth annual National Final Countdown. The countdown sees Eurovision fans from across the globe voting for their all-time favourite national final entries that never made it onto the Eurovision stage. The top 100 songs will be unveiled during a special countdown on ESCape Radio on Saturday 12 November.

As we're creeping closer to the end of the voting window for the National Final Countdown, the Aussievision team has correlated our own votes to see which songs our team have ranked supreme.

Out of 19 voting contributors, 121 national final songs received at least one point, so lets have a look at which songs finished on top...

10. Annalisa - 'Il mondo prima di te' (Italy, 2018) - 24 points

12 points from Liv and Justin

'Il mondo prima di te' which translate to 'The world before you' competed in Italy's national selection, Sanremo Music Festival in 2018. This was Annalisa's fourth time competing in the historic Italian competition, as she previously participated in 2013, 2015, and 2016. Whilst not taking out the top prize in Sanremo 2018, 'Il mondo prima di te' did give Annalisa her best result yet, finishing third overall.

9. Erika Vikman - 'Cicciolina' (Finland, 2020) - 25 points

12 points from John Christian, 6 points from Steve, 5 points from Colleen and 2 points from Josh

The fan favourite of the 2020 edition of Finland's UMK national final and 'Cicciolina' has finished strong as the Aussievision team's 9th spot. The Finnish disco track was on ode to adult-film star turned politician, Ilona Staller. When paired with the absolutely bonkers staging that includes dancing bears, flames, neon trees and a crystal throne, 'Cicciolina' will be engrained in Eurovision fan's memories forever.

8. KEiiNO - 'Monument' (Norway, 2021) - 28 points

12 points from Cooper and Laura, 4 points from Hayley

Last year's winner of the National Final Countdown, 'Monument' has seemed to have stuck with the Aussievision team. After winning the public vote in the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2019, the Norwegian trio attempted to return to the contest with 'Monument' at Norway's Melodi Grand Prix. Unfortunately for KEiiNO they were the runner-up and just missed out on making their return to Eurovision.

7. Irama - 'La Genesi del tuo Colore' (Italy, 2021) - 29 points

12 points from Craig and Tim, 5 points from Josh

'La Genesi del tuo Colore' competed in Italy's Sanremo Music Festival in 2021 where it placed 5th overall. Irama had a bumpy ride with his entry during the national final as his participation was plagued with multiple members of his team testing positive to Covid-19 during the festival.

Because of the positive results, Irama and his team had to undergo mandatory quarantine therefore a pre-recorded performance had to be shown throughout the week of Sanremo. But that hasn't stopped this entry from being cherished by fans across the globe. And since Sanremo, 'La Genesi del tuo Colore' has gone onto be certified 3x platinum in Italy.

6. Madame - 'Voce' (Italy, 2021) - 30 points

10 points from Josh, 7 points from Laura and Liv, 3 points from Dale and Hugo

Another song coming out of Sanremo 2021, 'Voce' by Italian singer and rapper Madame definitely left an impact on our team. The entry finished eighth overall in the festival but 'Voce' was also awarded the 'Sergio Bardotti' Award for best lyrics as well as the 'Premio Lunezia' Award for musical and literary value during the competition.

5. Rigoberta Bandini - 'Ay Mama' (Spain, 2022) - 31 points

12 points from Guy, 7 points from Craig, 6 points from Colleen and Mark

Fifteen years after the last Benidorm music festival, the Spanish broadcaster brought back the national selection with a bang! The 2022 festival became a favourite in the Eurovision community and it's runner-up 'Ay Mama' instantly became a legendary national final entry.

The feminist empowerment anthem was predicted to fly the flag for Spain in Turin but it was pipped at the post by Chanel and her song 'SloMo'. The unusual staging was packed to the brim with metaphors and meaning and is a visual sight to behold.

=3. Elodie - 'Andromeda' (Italy, 2020) - 36 points

12 points from Josh, 10 points from Kyriakos, 7 points from Mike, 4 points from Laura and 3 points from Guy

'Andromeda' quickly stood out during the 70th edition of Italy's Sanremo Festival. Whilst being a massive favourite amongst Eurovision fans, the pop banger finished seventh in the competition. The urban-pop entry was co-written by two-time Eurovision competitor Mahmood and 2022 Eurovision interval act Dardust, but it was Elodie's incredible stage presence that brought this song to life.

=3. Electric Fields - '2000 and Whatever' (Australia, 2019) - 36 points

12 points from Emma, 8 points from Guy and Mark, 5 points from Cooper and 3 points from Leith

Tied for third place in the Aussievision team's ranking is Australia's very own Electric Fields and their song, '2000 and Whatever'. The track was one of the ten songs which competed in the inaugural edition of Eurovision - Australia Decides held in 2019. '2000 and Whatever' became instant classic in the Eurovision fandom, in fact the song won both the 2019 and 2020 edition of the National Final Countdown.

2. Jaguar Jonze - 'Little Fires' (Australia, 2022) - 37 points

12 points from Mark, 10 points from Steve and Colleen, 5 points from Dale

'Little Fires' by Jaguar Jonze has claimed silver with the Aussievision contributors! The anthemic ballad was the second attempt at Eurovision - Australia Decides by Jaguar Jonze after her 2020 entry 'Rabbit Hole'. The song managed to win the professional jury vote during the national final and finished third place overall. The powerful message in 'Little Fires' has definitely struck a cord with the team as the entry is the highest-scored Australian song on this list.

1. La Rappresentante di Lista - 'Ciao Ciao' (Italy, 2022) - 45 points

12 points from Leith, 10 points from Laura and Dale, 6 points from Emma, 4 points from Liv, 2 points from Steve and 1 point from Cooper

Finally, the Aussievision team has picked Sanremo Festival 2022 entry 'Ciao Ciao' as our favourite national final song!

The track performed by Italian rock duo La Rappresentante di List finished 7th overall at the Italian music festival but became one of the biggest hits out of Sanremo this year. The song peaked at 3rd on the Italian charts, 1st in San Marino and even managed to chart in Switzerland too. 'Ciao Ciao' instantly became a favourite amongst the Eurovision fandom and has taken out the top spot as the Aussievision team's favourite national final entry of all time!

The songs that just missed out on the top ten were:

11. 'OK ou KO' - Emmy Liyana (France, 2018) - 20 points

12. 'Dreamer' - Voyager (Australia, 2022) - 19 points

=13. 'Little Tot' - Dotter (Sweden, 2021) - 18 points

=13. 'Ram Pam Pam' - Bess (Finland, 2022) - 18 points

=13. 'Statements' - Loreen (Sweden, 2017) - 18 points

=16. 'Bulletproof' - Dotter (Sweden, 2020) - 17 points

=16. 'Death of Us' - Elsie Bay (Norway, 2022) - 17 points

=16. 'Blame it on the Disco' - Alcazar (Sweden, 2014) - 17 points

19. 'Behöver inte dig idag' - Clara Klingenström (Sweden, 2021) - 16 points

=20. 'Amour Fou' - Pony X (France, 2021) - 15 points

=20. 'Sun Numero' - Younghearted (Finland, 2022) - 15 points

There is still time to cast your vote in the National Final Countdown 2022! Voting closes Friday 28 October, so make sure you have a say in what song comes out on top.

The top 100 songs will be revealed in a special broadcast and countdown on ESCape Radio on Saturday 12 November at 7:30pm AEDT / 9:30am CET.

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