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Artists revealed for Estonian national final Eesti Laul 2020

Over the last two days the Estonian broadcaster ERR has announced the 24 artists and song titles that will be competing in their national final Eesti Laul next year.

Eesti Laul is always one of our favourite national finals, so we happy to see some familiar faces but also lots of news ones.

The full lists of artists are below with song titles, we will have to be patient and wait until November 30 for the actual songs.

  • Anett x Fredi - "Write About Me"

  • Egert Milder - "Georgia (On My Mind)"

  • German & Violina - "Heart Winder"

  • INGA - "Right Time"

  • Inger - "Only Dream"

  • Jaagup Tuisk - "Beautiful Lie"

  • Janet - "Hingelind"

  • Jennifer Cohen - "Ping Pong"

  • Kruuv - "Leelo"

  • Laura - "Break Me"

  • Little Mess - "Without a Reason"

  • Mariliis Jõgeva - "Unistustes"

  • Merilin Mälk - "Miljon sammu"

  • Rasmus Rändvee - "Young"

  • Renate - "Videomäng"

  • Revals - "Kirjutan romaani"

  • SHIRA - "Out in Space"

  • Stefan - "By My Side"

  • Synne Valtri feat. Väliharf - "Majakad"

  • Traffic - "Üks kord veel"

  • Uku Suviste - "What Love Is"

  • Uudo Sepp - "I'm Sorry. I Messed Up"

  • Viinerid - "Kapa Kohi-LA"

  • Ziggy Wild - "Lean on Me"

The first name that stands out is Laura. She has represented Estonia at Eurovision twice - once with girl group 'Suntribe' in 2005 and also again in 2017 alongside Koit Toome with fan favourite 'Verona'. Unfortunately both songs didn't make it out of the semi finals. She has also finished 2nd and 3rd before at Eesti Laul as a solo artist.

Also included are Uku Suviste and Stefan who finished 2nd and 3rd respectively in last year's Eesti Laul behind Victor Crone.

Speaking of Mr Crone, he and Stig Rasta have co-written a song (with others) for the popular Estonian group 'Traffic'. They have competed in Eesti Laul three times finishing 2nd and 3rd. There last attempt was back in 2014.

Stig Rasta, who represented Eurovision in 2015 with Goodbye to Yesterday, is a regular band member but it's not confirmed yet if he will be performing or will stay on the songwriting credits only.

We will have the INGA and Inger confusion again this year. Both artists are competing again after finishing 5th and 6th respectively last year. INGA's track "Milline päev" was an Aussievision favourite in 2019.

Rasmus Rändvee who finished 3rd in 2017 behind "Verona" is also back this year for another attempt and could be one to watch.

The semifinals of Eesti Laul 2020 will take place on February 13 and 15 at the University of Tartu Sports Hall, and the final concert will take place on February 29 at Saku Suurhal in Tallin.


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