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American Song Contest: Songs out for qualifying show 5

The songs competing in the fifth and final qualifying show of the American Song Contest are out.

The entries are part of episode 5 of the show taking place on the evening of Monday 18 April in the United States (Tuesday morning in Australia).

The songs are being released to streaming services worldwide so aren't available in all regions yet.

The songs competing are available on the official American Song Playlist:

Artists and songs

Tenelle - 'Full Circle' (American Samoa)

Sweet Taboo - 'Keys to the Kingdom' (California)

Jason J. - 'Midnight' (Guam)

Andrew Sheppard - 'Steady Machine' (Idaho)

Justin Jesso - 'Lifeline' (Illinois)

Sisqó - 'It's Up' (Maryland)

Ada LeAnn - 'Natalie' (Michigan)

HALIE - 'Better Things' (Missouri)

Khalisol - 'Drop' (New Mexico)

John Morgan - 'Right in the Middle' (North Carolina)

Josh Panda - 'Rollercoaster' (Vermont)

Rehearsal footage

The show starts at 8:00pm Eastern Time in the United States, which is 10:00am AEST here in Australia.


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