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American Song Contest: Semi-final 2 show results

This morning (in Australia) saw the seventh show of the American Song Contest.

Before the performances began the results of the sixth show were revealed.

Previously, at the end of last week's semi-final 1, Allen Stone with 'A Bit of Both' from Washington, was announced as the jury winner and proceeded straight to the Grand Final.

Another four qualifiers were announced tonight based on a 50/50 jury and public split. They were:

Jordan Smith - 'Sparrow' (Kentucky)

AleXa - 'Wonderland' (Oklahoma)

Ni/Co - 'The Difference' (Alabama)

Riker Lynch - 'Feel the Love' (Colorado)

Semi-final 2 results

At the end of the show the jury winner from semi-final 2 was announced. They head straight to the Grand Final of the American Song Contest.

They were:

Tyler Braden - 'Seventeen' (Tennessee)

Tyler was previously the jury winner in the third qualifiers show.

The full results of semi-final 2 are set to be announced

Grand Final of the American Song Contest will air on May 9 (May 10 in Australia) on NBC.


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