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All the Eurovision artists who have performed, presented and won at the MTV EMAs

Ever since the first MTV Europe Music Awards (MTV EMAs) took place back in the 1990's, Eurovision artists have had a strong connection with the awards show.

Over the last three decades five Eurovision acts have performed at the MTV EMAs, including three Eurovision winning artists, six Eurovision artists have presented awards and three dozen artists have won MTV EMAs!

After this this year's MTV EMA nominations have been revealed to include a record eight Eurovision artists, we take a look all the Eurovision artists who have performed, presented and won at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

Eurovision artists who have performed at the MTV EMAs

Overall five Eurovision artists have performed at the MTV EMAs. The first was Irish Eurovision artist Nicky Byrne who performed 'If I Let You Go' as part of his boy band Westlife back in 1999. The Irish lads performed in the pre-show which was fittingly hosted in Dublin. The three most recent Eurovision artists to perform were all Eurovision winners.

Westlife (Nicky Byrne) - 'If I Let You Go'

Performed at the 1999 MTV Europe Music Awards Pre-show

t.A.T.u. - 'All the Things She Said'

Performed at the 2002 MTV Europe Music Awards Pre-show

Lordi - 'Hard Rock Hallelujah'

Performed at the 2006 MTV Europe Music Awards

In 2006 Eurovision winners Lordi from Finland became the first Eurovision artists and winners to perform during the MTV EMA main show. Lordi performed their Eurovision winning song 'Hard Rock Hallelujah' in Copenhagen, Denmark. They didn't hold back with their performance which included pyros and 110% energy!

At the show Lordi were nominated in the "Best Finnish Act" category. Unfortunately they lost to Helsinkian rock band Poets of the Fall.

Måneskin - 'Mammamia'

Performed at the 2021 MTV Europe Music Awards

The second ever Eurovision act to perform in the MTV EMA main show were Eurovision 2021 winners Måneskin.

However instead of performing their Eurovision winning song 'Zitti e buoni' they opted for their latest single 'Mammamia' which went on to chart across the globe.

They were nominated in the "Best Rock", "Best Group" and "Best Italian Act" categories, and won "Best Rock".

At the 2022 MTV EMA show they were nominated for "Best Rock" and and "Best Italian Act". This year they would hope to get their next MTV EMA win having received an incredible four nominations. Måneskin have been nominated in three of the main categories - "Best Rock", "Best Live", "Best Group" and have a nomination in the regional category for "Best Italian Act".

Kalush Orchestra - 'Stefania'

Performed at the 2022 MTV Europe Music Awards

Kalush Orchestra became the third Eurovision winners to perform on the MTV EMA stage. They performed an incredible rendition of their Eurovision winning song 'Stefania' in Düsseldorf.

Eurovision artists who have presented awards at the MTV EMAs

Six Eurovision acts have had the honour of presenting awards at the MTV EMAs.

The first was the UK's Eurovision 1996 artist, and Australia's own, Gina G, where she presented the "MTV Amour" award with the group 3T in 1996 hosted in London. The category included D'Angelo, George Michael, Madonna and TLC with the award going to The Fugees.

  • Gina G presented the "MTV Amour" with 3T in 1996

  • t.A.T.u. and The Calling presented the "Best Dance" award in 2002

  • Las Ketchup and Tiziano Ferro presented "Best Rock" award in 2002

  • t.A.T.u. presented the "Best Male" award in 2005

  • Lordi presented the "Best Rock" award in 2006

  • Lauri Ylönen (The Rasmus) and Tiziano Ferro presented "Best European Act" in 2008

  • Lauren Spencer-Smith and Sam Ryder presented the "Best Collaboration" award in 2022

Eurovision artists with two or more MTV EMA wins

Nine Eurovision artists have received two or more MTV EMA wins! Dima Bilan holds the most with eight, followed by Eurovision star Marco Mengoni with six wins. Following close behind are Lena and Noa Kirel. Noa has been nominated in the "Best Israeli Act" category for the seventh time. If she secures a win this year she will equal Marco's wins.

Dima Bilan (Russia)

8 wins, 4 nominations

Dima holds the record for the most MTV EMA wins by a Eurovision artist, and most combined wins and nominations of 12!

Marco Mengoni (Italy)

6 wins, 1 nomination

  • 2010 - Best European Act WON

  • 2010 - Best Italian Act WON

  • 2013 - Best Italian Act WON

  • 2013 - Best Southern European Act (Worldwide) WON

  • 2015 - Best Italian Act WON

  • 2015 - Best European Act (Worldwide) WON

  • 2013 - Best Worldwide Act NOMINATED

Lena (Germany)

5 wins, 3 nominations

  • 2011 - Best European Act (Worldwide Act) WON

  • 2011 - Best German Act WON

  • 2013 - Best German Act WON

  • 2013 - Best Central European Act (Worldwide) WON

  • 2015 - Best German Act WON

  • 2011 - Best Worldwide Act NOMINATED

  • 2013 - Best Worldwide Act NOMINATED

  • 2015 - Best European Act (Worldwide) NOMINATED

Noa Kirel (Israel)

5 wins, 1 nomination

  • 2017 - Best Israeli Act WON

  • 2018 - Best Israeli Act WON

  • 2020 - Best Israeli Act WON

  • 2021 - Best Israeli Act WON

  • 2022 - Best Israeli Act WON

  • 2016 - Best Israeli Act NOMINATED

Amir (France)

3 wins

  • 2016 - Best French Act WON

  • 2017 - Best French Act WON

  • 2022 - Best French Act WON

Manga (Türkiye)

2 wins

  • 2009 - Manga - Best European Act WON

  • 2009 - Manga - Best Turkish Act WON

Anouk (The Netherlands)

2 wins, 2 nominations

  • 2005 - Anouk- Best Dutch & Belgian Act WON

  • 2006 - Anouk - Best Dutch & Belgian Act WON

  • 2000 - Anouk - Best Dutch Act NOMINATED

  • 2001 - Anouk - Best Dutch Act NOMINATED

Charlie Straight - Lead singer Albert Černý from Lake Malawi (Czechia)

2 wins, 2 nominations

  • 2010 - Charlie Straight - Best Czech & Slovak Act WON

  • 2011 - Charlie Straight - Best Czech & Slovak Act WON

  • 2011 - Best European Act (Worldwide Act) NOMINATED

  • 2013 - Best Czech & Slovak Act NOMINATED

The Rasmus (Finland)

2 wins, 1 nomination

  • 2003 - The Rasmus - Best Nordic Act WON

  • 2005 - The Rasmus - Best Finnish Act WON

  • 2004 - The Rasmus - Best New Act NOMINATED

Eurovision artists with a single MTV EMA win

2000 - Westlife (Nicky Byrne) - Best UK & Ireland Act

2001 - Alsou - Best Russian Act

2001 - Kasia Kowalska - Best Polish Act

2005 - Voltaj - Best Romanian Act

2006 - Brainstorn - Best Baltic Act

2008 - Elvir Laković Laka - Best Adria Act

2008 - Shiri Maimon - Best Israeli Act

2008 - Stereo Mike - Best Greek Act

2009 - Helena Paparizou - Best Greek Act

2010 - Sakis Rouvas - Best Greek Act

2011 - Compact Disco - Best Hungarian Act

2011 - Lauri Ylönen (The Rasmus) - Best Finnish Act

2012 - Loreen - Best Swedish Act

2012 - Who See - Best Adria Act

2013 - Auryn (Blas Canto) - Best Spanish Act

2013 - Demy - Best Greek Act

2014 - Sinplus - Best Swiss Act

2015 - Daniel Kajmakoski - Best Adria Act

2017 - Ermal Meta - Best Italian Act

2017 - Jessica Mauboy - Best Australian Act

2017 - Loïc Nottet - Best Belgian Act

2017 - Salvador Sobral - Best Portugese Act

2019 - Mahmood - Best Italian Act

2019 - Roksana Węgiel - Best Polish Act

2020 - Diodato - Best Italian Act

2021 - Måneskin - Best Rock

2021 - Gjon's Tears - Best Swiss Act

Along with these wins are dozens and dozens of other Eurovision artists who have been nominated for MTV EMAs over the three decades of the show.

Let's hope this year's Eurovision artist nominees can be added to the winners list!

The 2023 MTV EMAs are set to take place on Sunday, November 5, in Paris, France, and will be broadcast live on MTV in more than 150 countries across the globe, as well as on Pluto TV and on-demand on Paramount+.

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