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Jonida Maliqi wins Festivali i Kenges

Jonida Maliqi has won the Festivali i Kenges (FiK), the Albanian National Final, with her song 'Ktheju Tokes' (Return to the Land).

In the 100% jury decision she won by nine points ahead of Lidia Lufi with Eranda Libohova in third.

The song about migration and longing for your homeland include the lyrics:

Return to your Land

Oh man that held hostage the heart

Return to your Land

You know there is a heart waiting for you

One of the fan favourites going into the competition, Soni Malaj with 'Me e Forte', finished in fifth.

36-year-old Maliqi is a star in Albania hosting Dancing with the Star and The Voice Albania. She has previously finished 2nd (1999) and 3rd (2004) in FiK.

The artist and song are now eligible to compete at Eurovision but in the past Albania has often revamped a song or even changed it completely. Though in a post event interview Jonida says it will be kept in Albanian.

Full results of FiK below:

1. Jonida Maliqi - "Ktheju tokës" 228 points

2. Lidia Lufi - "Rrëfehem" 219

3. Eranda Libohova - "100 pyetje" 181

4. Dilan Reka - "Karma" 169

5. Soni Malaj - "Më e fortë" 166

6. Klinti Çollaku - "Me jetë" 163

7. Elton Deda - "Qetësisht" 156

8. Marko Strazimiri & Imbro - "Leyla" 142

9. Bojken Lako - "Jeto jetën" 138

10. Gjergj Leka - "Një ditë tjetër" 131

11. Eliza Hoxha - "Peng" 127

12. Alar Band - "Dashuria nuk mjafton" 124

13. Orgesa Zaimi - "Hije" 121

14. Artemisa Mithi & Febi Shkurti - "Dua ta besoj "113

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