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Semi Final One - wrap up

So the first semi final is all done and dusted and we saw some very interesting results!

Below are the qualifier with which half they drew for the grand final:

  • Albania (first half)

  • Czech Republic (second half)

  • Lithuania (first half)

  • Israel (second half)

  • Estonia (first half)

  • Bulgaria (second half)

  • Austria (first half)

  • Finland (second half)

  • Ireland (second half)

  • Cyprus (second half)

Even though this was a 'bloodbath' semi final most of the favourites got through with Belgium and Greece probably the shock to many fans and bookies. Though based on performances on the night few could argue they were 'robbed'.

The surprises to us were: Lithuania (the performance was particularly good on TV compared to arena), Albania (Although we always had hope Eugent's vocal would get him through) and Ireland (which is our shock of the night).

The semi final has also had a huge impact on odds:

  • Cyprus is a clear favourite ahead of Norway in second

  • Israel has dropped to fourth behind France

  • Lithuania has rocketed up to fifth place

  • Sweden has moved to sixth

  • Bulgaria has dropped to ninth

But hey with all the ridiculous movement so far, we expect big changes after the jury and live semi final two shows over Wednesday and Thursday.

Our semi final one podcast recap will be up later today.

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