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YouTube reaction - second semi rehearsals

So the second rehearsals of the second semi final are all finished and now published by the official Eurovision YouTube channel.

So how have fans reacted? Well with much passion as per usual...

If we look at the percentage of likes to dislikes (so if you have 9 likes and 1 dislikes it would be 90%) the top five would be:

1. Ukraine - 93%

2. Slovenia - 87%

3. Denmark - 85%

4. Poland - 83%

5. Latvia - 81%

Australia sits in 15th with 59% but is ahead of big hitters Sweden 59%, Norway 48% and Russia 32%.

So ok that's sentiment, but what about total likes? The results are:

1. Ukraine - 5k

2. Moldova - 4.1k

3. Poland - 3.2k

4. Norway - 2.4k

5. Denmark/Sweden - 2.3k

Australia is in 12th on 1.9k

1. Russia - 110k

2. Norway - 103k

3. Ukraine - 86k

4. Poland - 85k

5. Moldova - 81k

Australia sits in 7th with 72k

This might look dire for Australia but to be honest we aren't too worried here at Aussieivion HQ These numbers can be particularly deceptive - some nations and artists have huge followings on YouTube.

Probably the most noteworthy factor it the nations with only a small amount of YouTube views. Those like Montenegro (30k), Georgia (33k), Hungary (48k) and Slovenia (51k) should be a little concerned.

In the case of Australia we believe it's better to be talked about, than not talked about it all.

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