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Our 'normal' jury results for Switzerland - Stones v Compass

Ok this week our 'normal' jury made up of non-fandoms turned their attention to Switzerland's national final and the two favourites with the bookes: Zibbs with 'Stones' vs Alejandro with 'Compass'.

And the winner was....


Comments from our jury members on both songs below:


  • She has a better and more unique voice and the lyrics are quite cool actually. Her lyrics are a bit more political and thought out. I enjoy.

  • It sounds like a slowed down hard knock life. I dont get it... and no energy.

  • Admirably political, and I like what she’s saying, but the lyrics read like they’re written by an angsty high school poet

  • Stones has sass.

  • It' quite edgy.

  • Stones is LOADS better. It’s a bit hozier

  • Stones was the stronger song, and even though I got a Jesse J vibe from her I quite enjoyed the tune and the lyrics.

  • I don't mind Stones but it makes Meghan Trainor seem like Aretha Franklin

  • Stones by a pretty clear margin for me

  • Love this tune and it's what I imagine "modern eurovision" should be. Chorus is very catchy and think it would be amazing live. She also has some sort of activist message in there somewhere and I like that it's not being forced down your throat


  • More catchy tune cause it's more poppy.

  • Compass has a good hook, but it sounds like a poor man’s Justin Bieber rip off. Fluffier than a duckling

  • The song is meant to be about navigation but the song is all over the place.

  • Compass was unimpressive. The music sounds like everything released in the past twelve months and the singer sounds like one of the One Direction kids trying to go solo.

  • Justin Bieber Sorry 2.0 but not as good

  • It sounds like something somebody with a career might put out in a quiet month. He doesn't have a career. But it's better that Stones.

  • First of all, he is going to be sued by Justin Bieber cause that song is a straight wrip off of a bieber song

  • Lyrics are awful- it's like a song that would play in the background of the Summer Bay diner - as Irene is giving some life advice to an addled teen. It's a shit song

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