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Why Maastricht could be the best choice for Eurovision 2020

It’s no secret Aussies love a good underdog story – and here’s a few reasons why Maastricht would be the best option to host Eurovision 2020! While the online fandom was sent in a frenzy overnight with apparent host city leaks – I was curious to find out a local perspective on the Rotterdam versus Maastricht debate. I was in no short supply of Dutch Eurovision fans to quiz since they make up one third of my hockey team – let’s see what they had to say:

Team member one from Amsterdam:

“Maastricht is the place for Carnival, extravaganza and celebrations. It has a rich history, stunning surroundings and many, many restaurants and bars. It’s the underdog because it’s in the far south of the country and less connected – however, the people there are extremely committed and proud of their city. Maastricht’s reputation and culture I think fits better with Eurovision.”

Team member two from Utrecht:

“I’m definitely all for Maastricht over Rotterdam! It has a smaller city centre which just creates a nicer atmosphere with everyone being so close to all the action. The city is much prettier than Rotterdam because it was not destroyed during the war. It has a hilly, historic, old feeling – it literally borders Germany and Belgium, great for accessibility. It’s unlike most Dutch cities with typical canal looks – it will provide a chance for The Netherlands to showcase another side and promote a lesser known city. The city, people and surrounding landscapes are just so pretty compared to Rotterdam. Locals in Rotterdam have large events hosted all the time, it would not be as uniquely special – for locals in Maastricht it would be the event of the year and all shops and businesses would participate. If they win the bid they will live up to their promises”

Team member three from Amsterdam:

“Maastricht is a gorgeous cultural city - very old and ‘European’ compared to relatively modern Rotterdam. It is close to Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany so easier for those fans to attend.”

Team member four from Rotterdam:

“You are talking to someone who calls Rotterdam her second home, but – I think Maastricht fits better for Eurovision! It is known for great culture, drinking, eating and sense of community – the people are very friendly and it feels much smaller than Rotterdam and thus a more cozy and nice atmosphere for the contest. Both cities have great tourist spots but Maastricht developed from a Roman settlement to a mediaeval religious centre. In the 16th century it became a garrison town and in the 19th century an early industrial city. Today, the city is a thriving cultural and regional hub. It became well known through the Maastricht Treaty and as the birthplace of the Euro.”

Take away points:

  • Culture, culture, culture – did they mention culture?

  • A beautiful different style of Dutch city (without canals) being showcased to the world

  • The people of Maastricht being able to get behind and host a large event - it would be the highlight of the city’s year

  • Closer proximity to neighboring countries

  • Strong sense of community and city pride being ‘a better fit’ for Eurovision

The Dutch-Eurovision-Hockey-Jury results are in and Maastricht has the green light! Maastricht has 43 districts and commonly we have 43 competing nations – is it fate for the city to be chosen?


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