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Did Eurovision leak the host city?

Overnight eagle-eyed fans discovered a prepared page covering the history and details of the 2020 Eurovision host city.

And it was Rotterdam!

Under the 'History by Country' section a link to 'Rotterdam 2020' was published on the page of The Netherlands.

This sent the Eurovision fans into meltdown, with screen shots and videos shared throughout social media, particularly on Twitter.

However... not long afterwards a Maastricht page appeared where the Rotterdam was. First published without a header image, but then updated in time.

So what's going on here? Well we have three scenarios:

1. They were preparing a Rotterdam 2020 page and pushed the button a little early. Once fans discovered the issue, the best way to cover was to quickly create a Maastricht page as well.

2. They were drafting both a Rotterdam 2020 page and a Maastricht page in preparation for the announcement and they just created the Rotterdam once first and accidentally went live.

3. This is all part of a campaign to get people talking and have more excitement around the announcement. Leak both cities and get fans in a frenzy.

So again, don't book your trip just yet. The official announcement will be from 7:58pm on Friday night (AEST) and only then we will definitely know the host city for 2020.


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