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Which Eurovision 2024 artists have the most TikTok followers?

Article by Emily Wilson

The 68th Eurovision Song Contest saw some participants with very large TikTok followers take to the stage.

In addition to this, a platform with hundreds of millions of viewers also helps grow the following of artists on all platforms.

There were 38 accounts for the 37 participating countries with Saba (Denmark) no longer appearing on TikTok.

Here are the rankings in reverse order:

(Figures accurate June 19th 2024)

Top 40:

38. Heja Bjork (Iceland) @hejabjorkmusic - 3060 followers

37. Puuluup (Estonia) @puuluupofficial - 3648 followers

36. Natalia Barbu (Moldova) @natabarbu11 - 3887 followers

35. Fahree (Azerbaijan) @its_fahree - 4719 followers

34. Nebulossa (Spain) @nebulossamusic - 5874 followers

33. Electric Fields (Australia) @electricfieldsmusic - 6551 followers

32. Sarah Bonnici (Malta) @sarah_bonnici - 9956 followers

31. Megara (San Marino) @wearemegara - 12k followers

Top 30:

30. Iolanda (Portugal) @iolandamusic_ - 21.5k followers

29. Mustii (Belgium) @mustiimusic - 24.1k followers

28. Gåte (Norway) @gaateband - 33.4K followers

27. 5miinust (Estonia) @5miinust - 33.7k followers

26. Isaak (Germany) - 37.2k followers

25. Raiven (Slovenia) @raivenmusic - 38.8k followers

24. Windows95Man (Finland) @windows95man - 40.9k followers

23. Tali (Luxembourg) @taligolergant - 42.9k followers

22. Aiko (Czechia) @aikomakesmusic - 48k followers

21. Besa (Albania) @itsbesaaaa - 55.2k followers 

Top 20:

20. Kaleen (Austria) @kaleenmusic - 57.8k followers  

19. Silia Kapsis (Cyprus) @silia_kapsis - 82.8k followers

18. Dons (Latvia) @dons_latvija - 100.1k followers

17. Silvester Belt (Lithuania) @silvester.belt - 111.2k followers

16. Teya Dora (Serbia) @iamteyadora - 139k followers

15. Ladaniva (Armenia) @ladaniva.ladaniva - 142.5k followers

14. Marina Satti (Greece) @marina_satti - 147.6k followers

13. Nutsa Buza (Georgia) @nutsabuzaofficial - 149.7k followers

12. Luna (Poland) @musicofluna - 217k followers

11. Eden Golan (Israel) @golaneden_music - 272.3k followers

Top 10:

10. Baby Lasagna (Croatia) @thebabylasagnaofficial - 355.3k followers

9. Olly Alexander (United Kingdom) @ollyalexander - 418.6k followers

8. Bambie Thug (Ireland) @bambiethug - 424.6k followers

7. Nemo (Switzerland) @nemothingsss - 674.8k followers

6. Alyona Alyona (Ukraine) @alyona.alyona.official - 881.2k followers

Top 5:

5. Slimane (France) @slimaneoff - 986.8k followers

Slimane has gained fans on TikTok posting videos of himself singing and it looks like he has started posting more regularly since his Eurovision participation 

4. Angelina Mango (Italy) @angelinamango__ - 1.1 million followers

Angelina Mango’s popular TikTok content allows us to get to know the star on a more personal level, with her vlog style videos talking to camera as well as the many clips showcasing her music and best dance moves

3. Jerry Heil (Ukraine) @jerryheil - 1.1 million followers

Jerry Heil’s TikTok account features many clips of her singing and behind the scenes content sharing her musical process. Her Eurovision 2024 collaborator, Alyona Alyona, is not far behind with 869k followers, but that still isn’t enough to make the top 5!

2. Joost Klein (The Netherlands) @Joostklein 3.8 million followers

Despite not competing in the Grand Final, there is no denying Joost’s online popularity, with his extremely viral song ‘Europapa’ and short form comedic content dominating his TikTok profile 

1.Marcus and Martinus (Sweden) @marcusandmartinus 5.3 million followers

Clocking in at a staggering 5.3 million followers, the popular Norwegian twins will only need a couple of posts to spread the word about their new album. If their slick Eurovision moves are anything to go by, you can see why the twins have conquered TikTok 

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Ann Green
Ann Green
5 days ago

Jerry Heil is my favorite artist who has a lot of likes and I follow on social media.

Happy Wheels


Maxwell Jeremy
Maxwell Jeremy
5 days ago

I am also one of Joost Klein's followers and fans baldi's basics


Leopard Violent
Leopard Violent
5 days ago

Furthermore, a bitlife platform with hundreds of millions of users contributes to the expansion of artists' fan bases across all platforms.

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