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Eurovision 2024 entries ranked by Spotify streams

Article by Saskia McKenna

It’s hard to believe that it has been over a month since the Grand Final where we welcomed Nemo from Switzerland into the esteemed hall of Eurovision victors!

But an area in which everyone wins is in exposure and the modern way to assess this is via Spotify streaming numbers. Let’s take a look at how our class of 2024 has been performing since then.

Data is accurate as of 17/06/2024.

37. Hera Björk – Scared of Heights – Iceland

2,066,091 streams

36. Natalia Barbu – In the Middle – Moldova 

2,401,541 streams

35. Besa – TITAN – Albania

2,474,582 streams

34. Electric Fields – One Milkali (One Blood) – Australia

2,935,017 streams

33. Sarah Bonnici – Loop – Malta

3,206,591 streams

32. Fahree ft. Ilkin Dovletov – Özünlə apar – Azerbaijan

3,217,804 streams

31. Megara – 11:11 – San Marino

4,021,607 streams

Note that this figure is a combined total of an extended and Eurovision version of the song.

30. Nutsa – Firefighter – Georgia

4,697,005 streams

29. iolanda – Grito – Portugal

4,918,599 streams

28. SABA – Sand – Denmark

4,972,168 streams

27. Dons – Hollow – Latvia

5,071,768 streams

26. Raiven – Veronika – Slovenia

5,090,747 streams

25. Teya Dora – Ramonda – Serbia

5,479,194 streams

24. Gåte – Ulveham – Norway

6,839,998 streams

Note that this figure is a combined total of an extended and Eurovision version of the song.

23. Aiko – Pedestal – Czechia

7,318,152 streams

Note that this figure is a combined total of an extended and Eurovision version of the song.

22. LADANIVA – Jako – Armenia

8,751,107 streams

21. Silia Kapsis – Liar – Cyprus

8,826,192 streams

Top 20

20. LUNA – The Tower – Poland

9,077,880 streams

19. TALI – Fighter – Luxembourg

9,951,570 streams

Note that this figure is a combined total of an extended and Eurovision version of the song.

18. Mustii – Before the Party’s Over – Belgium

9.982,721 streams

This also counts as the highest streamed non-qualifying entry! Well done, Mustii!

17. 5MIINUST and Puuluup – (nendest) narkootikumidest ei tea me (küll) midagi – Estonia

10,101,376 streams

(At least 50% of these streams could probably be attributed to the author.).

16. Windows95man – No Rules! – Finland

11,907,669 streams

15. Olly Alexander – Dizzy – United Kingdom

12,688,800 streams

14. Kaleen – We Will Rave – Austria

12,926,780 streams

13. Silvester Belt Luktelk Lithuania

16,379,222 streams

After a 24-hour scare of being removed from Spotify, and then being re-uploaded without its previously accrued streaming numbers, we can safely report that it has had its original streaming numbers reinstated. Much to Twitter’s relief.

12. ISAAK – Always on the Run – Germany

16,602,598 streams

11. Eden Golan – Hurricane – Israel

17,485,024 streams

The Top 10

And now, our outstanding top 10 achievers!

10. Bambie Thug – Doomsday Blue – Ireland

18,395,608 streams

The sleeper hit of the year, Bambie shocked Europe with their revolutionary staging and flawless execution. The subsequent catapult of their song is both overdue and a result Ireland should be more than proud of. 

9. Marina Satti – ZARI – Greece

22,914,438 streams

It’s contemporary flair and gen-Z sensibilities made Marina Satti’s ZARI incredibly popular amongst the primarily Spotify-using fanbase. Its huge streaming success comes as no surprise.

8. Nebulossa – ZORRA – Spain

25,116,785 streams

Incredibly catchy and fun, this got the crowds going in Malmo, so it’s no wonder that many added this one straight to their playlists.

7. Jerry Heil and alyona alyona – Teresa and Maria – Ukraine

32,069,364 streams

Haunting yet empowering, Jerry Heil and alyona alyona once again prove Ukraine’s powerhouse status in this competition.

6. Marcus & Martinus – Unforgettable – Sweden

33,276,373 streams

As per annual tradition, we see Sweden in our Top 10 most streamed. Their proclivity to send radio-friendly bops has served them well yet again for a deserved Top 10 finish in both contest and streaming records.

Top 5

5. Baby Lasagna – Rim Tim Tagi Dim – Croatia

35,924,581 streams

A fan favourite and real head-banger, it is no surprise that Baby Lasagna has comfortably secured a spot in the Top 10. Endlessly fun to rock out to.

4. Nemo – The Code – Switzerland

54,434,330 streams

Our winner! Nemo’s ability to blend so many genres into a cohesive package needs to be studied. It’s also a great one for the shower sing-along.

3. Slimane – Mon Amour – France

55,522,090 streams

Slimane has done a national service to put Eurovision back on the radar for France. His previously established prestige as an artist meant that a hit was certain.

2. Angelina Mango – la noia – Italy

82,586,116 streams

Bolstered by its huge success in its native Italy, the Italian entry is a permanent resident of this Top 10 and no one is arguing.


1.  Joost Klein – Europapa – Netherlands

113,856,235 streams

Joost has won in many ways other than the competition itself. The only song to crack 100,000,000 streams (so far) and has achieved this milestone in an impressively short timeframe. The future is bright for this Dutchie. 

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