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Which Eurovision 2024 artists have the most Instagram followers?

Article by Melanie Dillmann

The 68th Eurovision Song Contest came to an eventful conclusion last month and the participants have their names forever recorded in history.

The Contest is a fantastic way for artists to promote their music to a global audience and build fans who will support them beyond Malmö.

With this in mind, we tracked down the Instagram accounts of our 2024 alumni to see who is the most followed.

Some artists already went into Eurovision with large fan base while some gained a following along the way.

So from the 37 participating countries and 40 artists, here are the rankings in reverse order.

Top 40

40. Hera Björk @herabjork (Iceland) 10.5K followers

39. Ilkin Dovlatov @ilkindovlatov (Azerbaijan) 12.2K followers

38. SABA @saba0o (Denmark) 14.6K followers

37. FAHREE @itsfahree (Azerbaijan) 16.2K followers

36. Puuluup @puuluupband (Estonia) 17K followers

35. Sarah Bonnici @sarah.bonnici_ (Malta) 25.6K followers

34. Electric Fields @electricfields_music (Australia) 26.2K followers

33. Aiko @aikomakesmusic (Czechia) 29.5K followers

32. Natalia Barbu @nataliabarbu_official (Moldova) 34.7K followers

31. Gåte @gaate_official (Norway) 37.8K followers

Interestingly, 8 out of the 10 artists with the fewest Instagram followers, failed to qualify for the Grand Final.

Top 30

30. MEGARA @wearemegara (San Marino) 38.6K followers

29. Mustii @mustiimusic (Belgium) 39.1K followers

28. 5MIINUST @5miinust (Estonia) 47.8K followers

27. Kaleen @kaleenmusic (Austria) 51.1K followers

26. ISAAK (Germany) 51.2K followers

25. iolanda @iolandamusic (Portugal) 51.7K followers

24. TALI @taligolergant (Luxembourg) 59.9K followers

23. Raiven @raivenofficial (Slovenia) 60.3K followers

22. Windows95man @windows95man (Finland) 67.6K followers

21. LUNA @musicofluna (Poland) 74.3K followers

30 to 21 revealed all the remaining Grand Final non-qualifiers except for BESA. iolanda also proved you don’t need a large Instagram following to make the top 10 in a Eurovision Grand Final.

Top 20

20. Nebulossa @nebulossa_oficial (Spain) 84K followers

19. Silia Kapsis @silia_kapsis (Cyprus) 90.4K followers

18. Silvester Belt @silvesterbelt (Lithuania) 114K followers

17. Dons @dons_lv (Latvia) 130K followers

16. TEYA DORA @iamteyadora (Serbia) 135K followers

15. LADANIVA @landaniva.ladaniva (Armenia) 156K followers

14. Bambie Thug @bambiethug (Ireland) 255K followers

13. Marina Satti @marina_satti (Greece) 336K followers

12. Eden Golan @golaneden (Israel) 400k followers

11. Baby Lasagna @the_baby_lasagna (Croatia) 449K followers

Top 10

10. BESA @besaofficial (Albania) 453K followers

9. Nemo @nemothings (Switzerland) 469K followers

8. alyona alyona @alyona.alyona.official (Ukraine) 498K followers

7. Olly Alexander @ollyalexanderr (United Kingdom) 788K followers

6. Jerry Heil @thejerryheil (Ukraine) 823K followers

10 to 6 featured the Grand Final winner, Nemo and 3rd place recipients, Ukrainian duo alyona alyona & Jerry Heil.

Top 5

5. Nutsa Bazaladze @nutsabuza (Georgia) 1M followers

4. Marcus & Martinus @marcusandmartinus (Sweden) 1.4M followers

3. Angelina Mango @angelinamango_ (Italy) 1.5M followers

2. Slimane @slimane (France)1.6M followers

The Top 5 revealed three Top 10 Grand Final finishers, Marcus & Martinus, Angelina Mango and Slimane.

The winner

Who is number one? Who has the most Instagram followers out of all the 2024 Participants?

1. Joost Klein @joostklein (Netherlands) 1.8M followers

Joost Klein, who was controversially disqualified from the Grand Final, has 200,000 more followers than the next closest participant.

For many this will only add to the speculation, “How might Joost Klein’s inclusion in the Grand Final have altered the outcome?” The answer to that question, we will never know.

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wade ratke
wade ratke
3 days ago

With almost 200,000 more followers than the next-closest competitor, Joost Klein—who was controversially disqualified from the Grand Final—is clearly the frontrunner. geometry dash

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