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Which country googled Eurovision the most in 2022?

Another calendar year is done which always gives us a chance to pore over the statistics that made up 2022.

One publicly available source of data is Google search data.

Google search trends look at how much a topic is search in each country and city globally.

The ranking is based on a per capita basis (volume of search compared to population) over a certain time period.

So we've looked back at 2022 to see which country comes out on top when searching for Eurovision. The full rankings are:

Country rankings

(2021 ranking in brackets)

  1. Iceland [2]

  2. Malta [1]

  3. Lithuania [3]

  4. Serbia [8]

  5. Spain [17]

  6. Armenia [29]

  7. Montenegro [-]

  8. Greece [5]

  9. Cyprus [4]

  10. North Macedonia [16]

  11. Finland [6]

  12. Sweden [10]

  13. Estonia [12]

  14. Croatia [11]

  15. Norway [9]

  16. Netherlands [7]

  17. Ukraine [20]

  18. Moldova [15]

  19. Bosnia & Herzegovina [19]

  20. Ireland [18]

  21. Latvia [14]

  22. Belgium [13]

  23. Slovenia [23]

  24. Portugal [27]

  25. United Kingdom [33]

  26. Italy [36]

  27. Poland [34]

  28. Albania [26]

  29. Romania [38]

  30. Germany [30]

  31. Austria [32]

  32. Switzerland [28]

  33. Israel [25]

  34. Denmark [31]

  35. Azerbaijan [24]

  36. Belarus [21]

  37. France [35]

  38. Bulgaria [37]

  39. Russia [22]

  40. Australia [40]

  41. Czechia [41]

  42. Hungary [43]

  43. Turkey [42]

  44. Canada [44]

  45. United States [45]

  46. Argentina [46]

  47. Mexico [47]

  48. Brazil [48]

  49. India [49

The leaders

Iceland take back the calendar year title from Malta who snatched it following Destiny's success last year.

The two small island nations are both passionate about Eurovision and often fill the first two places in each year.

Lithuania hold their top three position thanks to their enthusiasm for the Contest and for keeping interest high thanks to consistently high results and qualifications.

Who rose?

Serbia rose four places to make the Top 5 thanks to Konstrakta's 5th place in Turin, which was Serbia's best result since 2012.

Spain's first Top 3 finish at Eurovision since the 90s saw them skyrocket from 17th to 5th in Google search rankings.

Armenia also flew up the rankings thanks to the success of 'Snap' after Eurovision. During the week of the Contest the nation ranked 30th in google trends but following the huge success of their entry in worldwide charts, associated searches saw them climb to 6th place.

Other big movers were Montenegro (outside of rankings to 7th), North Macedonia (16th to 10th), United Kingdom (33rd to 25th), Italy (36th to 26th), Poland (34th to 27th), Romania (38th to 29th)

Who dropped?

Cyprus fell from 4th place in 2021 to 9th place this year. Although not a huge drop, it is a little more significant for the other Eurovision loving island of Europe.

Norway dropped to 15th from 9th, despite getting a better result. The popularity of Tix in Norway most likely led to higher interest in 2021.

The Netherlands unsurprisingly dropped from 7th to 16th after hosting the Contest in 2021.

Other big drops were Latvia (14th to 21st), Belgium (13th to 22nd), Israel (25th to 33rd) and Azerbaijan (24th to 35th).

Additionally Russia and Belarus who were suspended from Eurovision dropped significantly.

What about Australia?

Australia came in at 40th place, the same position but a higher score. Last year we had a search interest of "3" compared to the top nation, while this year the score was "6".

Additionally, Australia finished higher than other European nations of the Czech Republic, Hungary and Turkey.

Kazakhstan, who consistently wants to join Eurovision, were unranked this year.

So Iceland reign supreme in 2022 but who will show the most interest in 2023?

Could a new winner see that nation spring to the top? We'll have to wait to find out.

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