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Which countries have been seeking out the Eurovision Netflix movie?

Last Friday the Netflix movie 'Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga' was released receiving mixed reviews but proving to be particularly popular.

It hit no.1 on the Netflix most watched here in Australia and did incredibly well in many parts of the world.

But which countries have been seeking out the movie the most? Well thanks to 'Google Trends' we can see which nations per capita sought out the term "Eurovision Movie" (the most popular search term) the most.

Here are the results:

The results are given on a scale of 1-100, where 100 is the highest volume by the no.1 country, with the other nations in relation to that (so if a country had half the searches per capita, their score would be 50).

  1. Iceland - 100

  2. Ireland - 47

  3. Australia - 20

  4. New Zealand - 18

  5. United States - 15

  6. Canada - 14

  7. Malta - 14

  8. Norway - 12

  9. Puerto Rico - 9

  10. South Africa - 7

  11. Estonia - 7

  12. Finland - 6

  13. Cyprus - 6

  14. United Kingdom - 5

  15. Sweden - 4

  16. Philippines - 4

  17. Netherlands - 4

  18. Singapore - 4

  19. United Arab Emirates - 3

  20. Portugal - 3

(Based on search for Eurovision Movie over the last seven days)

Unsurprisingly with the movie about Icelandic characters and predominately set there, it came out in first position by some distance.

Meanwhile Australia was particularly high in 3rd place behind Ireland in 2nd place.

In good news for the contest, the movie has been sought out by new markets like the United States, Canada, South Africa and our friends in New Zealand.

The numbers of course don't represent all factors, such as how popular Netflix is in a country or those who don't search out information about the movie, but it does give a good indication of interest levels.

Now we've seen what countries have been most popular, let's go down a level to cities...

  1. Reykjavík, Iceland - 100

  2. Galway, Ireland - 62

  3. Limerick, Ireland - 55

  4. Cork, Ireland - 50

  5. Dublin, Ireland - 47

  6. Seattle, USA - 35

  7. Arlington, USA - 29

  8. Geelong, Australia - 27

  9. Burlington, USA - 27

  10. Newport Beach, USA - 27

  11. Arvada, USA - 25

  12. Wollongong, Australia - 25

  13. Cambridge, USA - 25

  14. Portland, USA - 25

  15. Canberra, Australia - 25

  16. Gold Coast, Australia - 25

Iceland leads the way again with small cities in the USA and Ireland making up much of the top 20. Dublin was the only major capital city outside of Iceland to make the list.

Meanwhile in Australia it seems Geelong, Wollongong, Canberra and The Gold Coast are the epicenters of the Eurovision Netflix Universe, well per capita of course.

Husavik itself is too small to show up but never fear, searches for the town thanks to the movie appear to be hitting an all-time high. Will it see an increase in tourism once the borders?

Searches related to the town of Husavik, Iceland in the past five years

In the absence of the real contest this year the movie seems to have been popular and will no doubt introduce the contest to more people across the globe.

And if that helps our wonderful contest become even bigger, then we're all for it!


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