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What we do and don't know about Montaigne's Eurovision 2021 song for Australia

So with Australia's Eurovision 2021 entry to be released this week, we check in on what we do and don't know about the entry at this stage.

What we do know

Release date:

Montaigne confirmed today that her entry will be coming out this Friday 5 March.

Who she worked with:

In a Vlog posted yesterday Montaigne said she worked with Dave Hammer on the song. Dave Hammer is also known as David Haddad, a Sydney based producer originally from New Zealand who has recently worked with Lime Cordiale.

The musical genre and inspiration

Montaigne stated yesterday that the song has "been inspired by hyperpop like Rina Sawayama and Charlie XCX." Here's an article to explain what hyperpop is (because we'll save you the googling...):

What we think we know

The song title

In January Montaigne revealed a snippet of a recording session where she sang a part of a song with 'Technicolour' in the lyrics. A few weeks later on the Australian song database of APRCA AMCOS a song title called 'Technicolour' written by Jessica Cerro (Montaigne's real name) and David Haddad was listed.

The look and what it kind of sounds like

Montaigne revealed this look earlier this week which followed an earlier post of her eye make-up. Was this the look for a live-on-tape performance, a photo shoot? Who knows! But it undoubtedly has *something* to do with her entry. Additionally the clip also includes a snippet which could indeed be the song.

What we're guessing

Performance at Mardi Gras?

Montaigne is 100% performing at Sydney Mardi Gras this Saturday and with a Eurovision song coming out the day before, she would surely perform the song no? Particularly if it's called 'Technicolour'! But of course we are only educated guessing here.


Montaigne recently shared pictures of famous people who have done the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb. It seems a great place to do a postcard and it does tie in with other Eurovision artists who have shared publicly they have shot their postcard. But no details on this at all!

We can't wait for Friday to hear the song and get even more details!

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