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Voyager's Top 10 favourite songs from their back catalogue

Voyager are a familiar name to Eurovision fans - being both the Australian Eurovision representitives this year and participating in the Australian national final 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' in 2022. For many of us, 'Dreamer' and 'Promise' might have been the only Voyager songs to have graced our that's going to change!

The Perth based progressive metal bands career spans over four decades, seven albums and dozens of songs - there is no shortage of ripper Voyager tunes to sink your teeth into!

In some exciting news - they've announced an eigth album 'Fearless in Love' - details here.

We went to the band members Simone (Guitars), Ash (Drums), Alex (Bass & backing vocals), Scott (Guitars) and Danny (Vocals and keytar) and asked them: "Which three songs from Voyager's back catalogue do you think fans should check out?" and these were some of their suggestions:

'Ascension': Ghost Mile (2017)

Track Number: #1

"If it’s our best songs for grabbing a listener's immediate attention, I’d say 'Ascension' from our sixth album Ghost Mile" -Simone

"You can’t really go wrong with 'Ascension'; it’s still one of my favourite songs to play live." -Scott

'Broken': The Meaning of I (2011)

Track Number: #4

"Before I was a member of the band, I got hooked on the song 'Broken', it’s a great modern-sounding fusion of EDM and metal that’s become a big part of our sound." - Ash

'Prince of Fire': Flearless in Love (2023)

Track Number: #2

Fresh off their new album 'Fearless In Love' set to release July 14 2023. The new album will also feature previously released singles 'Submarine' and their Australia Decides 2022 entry 'Dreamer'.

Pre-save and pre-order 'Fearless In Love' here.

'Severomance': Colours in the Sun (2019)

Track Number: #2

"'Severomance' is a song that really gets under my skin and gives me the feels." - Ash

'Close Your Eyes': I Am the Revolution (2009)

Track Number: #5

"'Close Your Eyes' is a song that the band wrote before I joined, and I think it’s amazing. The chorus has this awesome vocal layering that sent chills down my spine the first time I heard it." - Scott

'To the Morning Light': Element V (2003)/'The Morning Light': V (2014)

Track Number: #2 (Element V) & #11 (V)

"'To The Morning Light' was the first Voyager song I ever heard, and we re-recorded it for our fifth album, V. It’s a Voyager classic, yet still encapsulates what Voyager does even today." - Scott

'Misery is Only Company': Ghost Mile (2017)

Track Number: #2

"I’m very proud of the song 'Misery is Only Company', the chorus is so anthemic and the song is quite intricate under the surface." -Ash

'Sober': from Univers (2007)

Track Number: #5

Recommended by the enthusasic bassist and backing vocalist Alex who gave us MANY song suggestions. Fair enough - with a back catalouge like Voyager's it's almost impossible to choose just a handful!

'Colours': from Colours in the Sun (2019)

Track number: 1

"I’d say 'Ascension' from our sixth album Ghost Mile, 'Hyperventilating' from our fifth album V and probably 'Colours' from our last album Colours in the Sun. All three are tunes that have stayed in our set list since releasing, and not just because they are fan favourites, but some of our favourites to play live too and really encapsulate everything that makes a Voyager tune." -Simone

At Eurovison

Image supplied by SBS

The band have been busy rehearsing for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Voyager will be competing in semi-final 2 on May 11 (May 12 early morning in Australia).

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