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Ukraine: Alina Pash under investigation, may not go to Eurovision

On the weekend, Alina Pash won Ukraine's national final 'Vidbir' which is used to select their Eurovision representative.

Her performance of 'Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors' was emotionally charged featuring heavy symbolism including a map of Ukraine at the end that included Crimea.

But it is a visit to Crimea in 2015 which may see her chance to represent Ukraine taken away.

To compete in Vidbir and represent Ukraine, artists may not have visited the disputed territory of Crimea via Russia, only through the land border with Ukraine.

Alina had provided proof to the public broadcaster that this was the case, but rumours were persistent on social media that she in fact flew, citing previous social media posts and interviews.

In a statement the public broadcaster is now investigating with the State Border Guard Service the documentation and will "not sign an agreement on participation in the international Eurovision Song Contest with the winner of the National Selection until the verification and clarification of the facts is completed."

The situation is unfolding with the backdrop of crisis between Ukraine and Russia which could see a potential invasion occur.

The investigation of Alina Pash will bring back memories for many fans of Maruv in 2019, who won Vidbir but did not represent Ukraine when contract negotiations broke down, particularly about being a "cultural ambassador” for the country.

It is also not the first controversy to hit Vidbir this year. The runner-ups of the contest, Kalush Orchestra, also accused the broadcaster of falsifying the results on the night.

During the announcement of the results, there was a mix up with some of the early scores (between 6th and 7th) and the scoreboard disappeared from screen.

The results were then provided verbally and the group looked visibly upset during the final result announcement and challenged organisers back stage.

In a video uploaded to Instagram, the group wanted to see the paper the results were provided on (they were refused) and threatened court action.

We will bring you more news as it comes but as it stands now, Alina Pash has not been officially selected for Eurovision 2022.


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