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"They ask me why so hot? ’cause I’m Italiano!" Måneskin release their new single 'MAMMAMIA'

Photo credit: @ManeskinFanClub (Twitter) Taken after the band performed 'MAMMAMIA' for the first time in Berlin

Eurovision 2021 winners Måneskin have released their new single 'MAMMAMIA' at midnight CEST after performing live for their pre-listening parties throughout Europe and New York.

The band performed live for the show in Berlin at SO36 where eager Måneskin fans got the first listen of their new song.

It is their first newly released music since their album 'Teatro D’Ira Vol.1', which features 'Zitti e buoni' and scored them a Eurovision Song Contest win for Italy in Rotterdam in May this year.

The Italian group sold out (in just 2 hours!) their new tour of 16 dates in 15 European countries throughout February and March 2022. They will start the 'Loud Kids on Tour '22' tour in London, United Kingdom on February 6 and will end in Riga, Latvia on March 14.

Måneskin's 13 date tour in Italy for December 2021 and March/April 2022 have all sold out.

The band have also climbed the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the US to No.19 with their cover of 'Beggin'. The song has been a global hit reaching No. 1 in Germany, Lithuania, Switzerland and the Netherlands and peaking at No. 6 in the United Kingdom and No. 3 in Australia.

We now wait to see how their newest single is received worldwide.

‘MAMMAMIA’ is now available on iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music.


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