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The Top 10 fallen heroes of Norway's MGP duels

This weekend sees the first semi-final of Norway's Melodi Grand Prix (MGP) take place.

There has been an update to the process of Melodi Grand Prix with three semi-finals of seven songs this year.

This means the end of the duel approach of MGP semi-finals from 2020 to 2022.

At Aussievision, we want to celebrate some of our favourite entries who sadly went out at the duel phase during that time. RIP!

We polled the Aussievision team on their favourites and here are our Top 10 choices:

=10th Lisa Børud - 'Talking About Us' (2020)

4 votes

Lisa took part and won the first ever duel when she defeated Geirmund back in 2020. She unfortunately then went out to the juggernaut that was Raylee and 'Wild'.

=10th River - 'Coming Home' (2021)

4 votes

River won their first battle against the cult favourite 'Bli med meg på gar'n' before losing out to Imerika's in the second duel of the final semi-final of 2021.

=10th Beady Belle - 'Playing with Fire' (2021)

4 votes

Beady Belle appeared in the first duel of the very competitive 2021 Melodi Grand Prix season. She unfortunately went out to Stina Talling and her song 'Elevate'.

=10th Royanne - 'Circus' (2021)

4 votes

Royanne brought the circus to the MGP stage in 2021 but unfortunately went out to Kiim with his song 'My Lonely Voice'.

=8th Maria Solheim – 'Nordlyset' (2021)

5 votes

Maria's beautiful Norwegian language song fell to Raylee's flashdance inspired performance of 'Hero' in 2021.

=8th Daniel Owen - 'Psycho' (2021)

5 votes

A slick performance by Daniel saw him defeat Ketil Stokkan's 'My Life is Ok' before also falling to Raylee's epic performance of 'Hero'.

=6th Daniel Lukas - 'Kvelertak' (2022)

6 votes

Daniel's Norwegian language bop went out to Farida's Bond-inspired entry 'Dangerous'.

=6th TuVeia - 'Bli med meg på gar' (2021)

6 votes

A cult classic among fans and the Aussievision team, TuVeia lost their opening duel against River and their song 'Coming Home'. A tragic result for all involved.

=2nd Stina Talling - 'Elevate' (2021)

7 votes

In the opening duel of 2021, Stina defated Beady Belle to progress to a showdown with Blåsemafian feat. Hazel and their song 'Let Loose'. It was an unlucky draw as 'Let Loose' would go on to make the top four in the grand final.

=2nd Ole Hartz - 'Vi er Norge' (2021)

7 votes

Another tough match up saw Ole Hartz go up against Emmy's song 'Witch Woods' in his opening duel. He was knocked out with Emmy going on to make the Grand Final.

=2nd Eline Noelia - 'Ectasy' (2022)

7 votes

Eline opened the 2022 MGP duels by defeating Mira Craig and her song 'We Still Here'. In a somewhat surprising result, she went out to Frode Vassel and his song 'Black Flowers' in the final duel of that semi-final.

=2nd TrollfesT - 'Dance Like a Pink Flamingo' (2022)

7 votes

Another cult classic, 'Dance Like a Pink Flamingo' also went out to giant-killer Frode Vassel. TrollfesT would go on to do well in the second chance round, making it all the way to the final before losing to Maria Mohn and her song 'Fly'.

1st Jæger - 'How About Mars' (2020)

9 votes

In one of the worst duel match ups in history, 'How About Mars' was put up against the might of Rein Alexander's 'One Last Time'. Unfortunately there was no second chance or wildcard round in 2020 so once Jæger was out, that was it! She has however, gone down as our favourite ever entry to miss out on progressing.

So those were the classic entries from the 2020-2022 duel semi-finals. What classics will come out from the new format in 2023?

Tune in this weekend to find out!

Norway's first semi-final of Melodi Grand Prix takes place Saturday 14 January in Europe and Sunday 15 January in Australia.

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