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The oldest songs to make the National Final Countdown

The National Final Countdown sees fans from across the world vote for their favourite songs that didn't make the Eurovision stage.

The songs eligible are those who competed in a national selection for Eurovision but were not chosen for the Contest.

The countdown has been running since the end of the 2017 season with most songs appearing in the countdown from more recent years.

However, some entries have cut through the recency bias to make the Top 100.

We take a look at some of the oldest songs to make the countdown:

1973: ABBA - 'Ring Ring' (Sweden)

Highest position: 28th

Before they won Eurovision with Waterloo and became household names, ABBA competed at Sweden's selection show Melodifestivalen. They performed 'Ring Ring' but didn't win selection (the song would later become a hit). They appeared in the first five editions of the National Final Countdown, finishing 28th three times in a row. However, last year they missed the Top 100 finishing in 138th.

1974: Olivia Newon-John - 'Angel Eyes (United Kingdom)

Highest position: 83rd

There was a national competition to choose which song Olivia would sing for the UK in 1974. Olivia's personal favourite was 'Angel Eyes' though unfortunately lost the vote to 'Long Live Love.' It made the countdown in 2022 finishing 83rd place. The same year that we sadly lost her.

1995: Deuce - 'I Need You' (United Kingdom)

Highest position: 60th

The British pop group already had a chart hit (with 'Call It Love' reaching no.11 on the charts) before entering the national selection for Eurovision. They unfortunately finished 3rd but the song would make the Top 10 on the UK charts. 'I Need You' finished 60th in the very first edition of the National Final Countdown, but has yet to return.

1999: Feryal Başel - 'Unuttuğumu Sandığım Anda' (Turkey)

Highest position: 39th

Feryal finished runner-up in the Turkish selection in 1999. She would win the OGAE Second Chance Contest with the song and it has become a cult classic for some. It finished 39th in the 2021 edition of the National Final Countdown.

2002: David Bisbal - 'Corazón Latino' (Spain)

Highest position: 57th

David would finish runner-up in the Spanish selection in 2002 behind 'Europe's Living a Celebration.' The song won the 2002 OGAE Second Chance Contest. David featured on the first three editions of the National Final Countdown finishing 89th, 77th and 57th.

2003: Alcazar - 'Not a Sinner nor a Saint' (Sweden)

Highest position: 36th

One of the greatest groups to not make Eurovision! This 2003 entry was their first attempt at Melodifestivalen finishing 3rd. It would feature on the National Final Countdown twice placing 36th and 90th.

2004: Scooter - 'Jigga Jigga' (Germany)

Highest position: 97th

Many will no Scooter for their early 2000s hit 'The Logical Song'. However, the German group tried to make Eurovision in 2004 but unfortunately them finished runner-up. Their song 'Jigga Jigga' finally made the National Final Countdown just last year finishing 97th.

Will any of these songs make this year's countdown? Could another "oldie" finally make the list?

Last year, two 1987 songs Arja Saijonmaa's 'Högt över havet' and Lena Philipsson's 'Dansa i neon' finished 149th and 151st, so it's not impossible!

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