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The Busker's Dav Jr goes from cameo on Neighbours to Eurovision frontman

Dav Jr from The Busker Photo credit: Daryl Cauchi // Inset photos: Metro UK Channel 5

Malta's 2023 Eurovision entry has brought us many surprises.

The Busker managed to sneak from out of nowhere and earn the spot to represent Malta in this year's Eurovision Song Contest!

In a recent interview with Aussievision frontman Dav Jr from the band revealed that he had a seven month stay in Melbourne back in 2018.

The group has exclusively revealed to Aussievision that while he was in Melbourne, Dav Jr's main focus was music. However, he took on some casual extra work which landed him parts in some momentous screen moments for Australia!

Dav Jr had a cameo on the iconic Aussie soapie Neighbours! He featured in David and Aaron’s Wedding (episode 7,921). The wedding was a huge event for the soapie marking the first gay wedding on Australian TV.

At the time, the episode was regarded as the "best soapie wedding" which featured comedy icon Magda Szubanski playing the eccentric celebrant Jemima Davies-Smythe.

Dav Jr shown circled during one of the scenes from the wedding

Dav Jr plays one of the guests and you can spot Dav Jr as Aaron starts making his way down the aisle (right side of the screen) and as the scene progresses you see Dav Jr savouring every moment while blowing bubbles with the rest of the guests.

Check out our previous article on 'The Eurovision connections of Neighbours'' which Aussievision published before the finale of the cancelled soapie. The show is now being rebooted by Amazon Studios.

Dav Jr was also an extra on the 2019 Aussie film 'Ride Like A Girl', the inspirational story of Michelle Payne, the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup despite facing odds of a 100 to 1.

The film stars Teresa Palmer as Michelle Payne, Sam Niell as Paddy Payne and is directed by Australian actress and director Rachel Griffiths.

Dav Jr plays a waiter during the wedding scene spotted walking just behind Michelle Payne (Teresa Palmer) in the official trailer.

The Busker (from left to right - Jean Paul, Dav Jr and Sean) Photo credit: Daryl Cauchi

You can follow The Busker on their journey representing Malta at Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool in semi-final 1 on May 9 with their song 'Dance (Our Own Party)', where they will performing in the second spot!

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