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The Eurovision connections of 'Neighbours'

The final episode of 'Neighbours' will air on Channel 10 tonight, bringing an end to an Australian institution.

The show has been going since 1985 and is known for launching the acting and music careers of many stars including Margot Robbie, Guy Pearce, Kylie Minogue, Holly Valance and Natalie Imbruglia.

Despite many musicians finding their feet on 'Neighbours', there has yet to be an artist to compete for Australia at Eurovision from the show.

However, there has still been some connections between the iconic program and the Eurovision Song Contest over the years. Let's take a look...

Joel Creasey

Joel is known for being the host of 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' and part of the Aussie commentary team for Eurovision since 2017.

Joel has appeared on 'Neighbours' as Mick Allsop, an obsessive fan who arrived in Erinsborough back in 2018 to try and connect with character Aaron Brennan from his days in the dance troupe 'Rough Trade' (no we aren't making this up).

His character appeared again in 2020 during a special Mardi Gras episode before become a regular character in 2021 and 2022. Mick Allsop has worked at the famous Lassiter's Hotel as well as being a wedding planner and fashion week organiser.

Courtney Act

Australia Decides 2019 star Courtney Act appeared as herself in the special Mardi Gras episode. She meets Aaron (the object of Joel Creasey's character's desires) and chat about his former career in Rough Trade.

Kate Miller-Heidke

Although Australia's Eurovision 2019 Queen has not appeared on 'Neighbours', the show helped her climb the charts.

Kate's song 'The Last Day On Earth' was used in the promotion of the tragic death of character Bridget Parker. The song was not intended to be a single but following the trailer it reached no.2 on iTunes. A physical single was then released and the song reached no.3 on the ARIA charts. It was Kate's biggest commercial hit and was nominated as Song of the Year at that year's ARIA Awards.

Delta Goodrem

Delta Goodrem famously started her career on 'Neighbours' before going on to a hugely successful music career.

Although she has been linked to competing at Eurovision, she has yet to grace the stage there.

She does however, still have a Eurovision connection. Delta wrote Australia's inaugural Junior Eurovision song 'My Girls' performed by Bella Paige in 2015.

The song finished in 8th place behind Destiny from Malta who won that Contest and would go on to compete at Eurovision in 2021.

Lucy Durack

Lucy Durack was a Eurovision jury member in 2017 when Australia gave its 12 points to Lucie Jones for the United Kingdom.

On 'Neighbours' Lucy played the character of Rose Walker, a mother of two going through a divorce who was hired as Toadfish Rebecchi's assistant at his law firm. She get involved in a love triangle with Toadfish and his partner Melanie. Despite there being a spark between them, she ultimately loses out in gaining his affection.

Alan Fletcher

Alan Fletcher plays one of the most iconic characters on 'Neighbours', Dr Karl Kennedy.

Outside of acting, Alan is a lead singer of the band Waiting Room who have toured the UK on several occasions.

In 2015 he was asked by BBC Radio 5 live about singing for Australia at Eurovision. He said Australia's participation was the "most exciting thing ever" and that he would "absolutely love" to perform.

"I'd be there with bells on. I think I'd probably have to wear a wig and grow a beard. But I'd be happy to do anything. The sequin suits: I can see it all now," he said.

So those are the 'Neighbours' connections to the Eurovision Song Contest, and yes we will acknowledge some are a little tenuous!

Although the show is ending, perhaps there will still be future connections and maybe a former 'Neighbours' star will appear on the Eurovision stage one day.

The final episode will air on Channel 10 tonight (Thursday) at 7:30pm.

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