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The Australian Public Eurovision votes - 2010 to 2019

Australians have quite a unique take on the contest when picking their favourites. For half of the 2010s they have agreed with the winner, and the other half of the time.... well... let's just say our nation's taste is... interesting.

Australia may have joined and started voting in the contest officially in 2015, but long before then SBS gave the Australian public the chance to vote for their winners during their telecast of the contest. So we are able to bring you Australia's winner (and top three) songs of each year from 2010 to 2019.

2010: Turkey - maNga - We Could Be The Same

Germany may have won the contest with Lena's 'Satellite' but for Australian viewers it was all about Turkey. maNga's 'We Could Be the Same' finished second in the contest, but first with Australians. In second place for Australia was Greece with Giorgos Alkaios and Friends performing 'OPA'. Unfortunately we can't find a record of third place.

2011: Ireland - Jedward - Lipstick

Ok this is when it gets weird for Australia. The contest winner, 'Running Scared' from Azerbaijan, was just not our nation's alley and we went for Ireland with the slightly wacky Jedward song 'Lipstick' (ahh and it's a pretty decent performance). Greece was second again with 'Watch My Dance' performed by Loukas Giorkas feat. Stereo Mike. Third placed went to Serbia with Nina performing Čaroban. Shortly after the contest she relocated to Australia, so it was a love-love relationship!

2012: Sweden - Loreen - Euphoria

Australia agreed with Europe and overwhelmingly chose 'Euphoria' as their 2012 winner. Unsurprisingly the Russian act Buranovskiye Babushki with 'Party for Everybody' was in second place. Jedward continued their popularity with Australians by finishing third with 'Waterline'.

2013: Denmark - Emmelie de Forest - Only Teardrops

Again Australia agreed with Europe and picked Denmark's winning song as their 2013 favourite. Greece made Australia's top three again with 'Alcohol is Free' finishing runner-up and the memorable performance by Romania's Cezar with 'It's My Life' finishing third.

2014: Austria - Conchita Wurst - Rise Like a Phoenix

Another Eurovision winner was given the big thumbs up by Australians. Conchita Wurst continuing the string of winners the Australia public got behind. For the first time the top three were the same as the Eurovision top three, just in a different order. Sweden with Sanna Nielsen's 'Undo' was second and the Dutch entry 'Calm After the Storm' was third.

2015: Sweden - Måns Zelmerlöw - Heroes

This was Australia's first year in the contest and the first time an official televote was recorded (2010 - 2014 was the unofficial SBS vote). For the fourth year running Australia agreed with the winner, however disagreed with Europe as Italy was actually their public's favourite in 2015. In second place was the excellent stage performance from Belgium, Loïc Nottet's 'Rhythm Inside', with Serbia's banger 'Beauty Never Lies' from Bojana Stamenov finishing third in the Australian televote.

2016: Belgium - Laura Tesoro - What's the Pressure

In a year lacking big up-beat songs, this really captured Australia's attention. Both the televote and the jury gave it 12 points, with the Dutch the only other nation to give it 12 points among the public. Second among Australians was Bulgaria with Poli's 'If Love Was a Crime' and in third was, surprisingly, the winner, Ukraine, with Jamala's '1944'.

2017: Moldova - Sunstroke Project - Hey Mama!

Australia's televote went a little wacky in 2017 - we were one of five nations to give their 12 televote points to this fun little number from Moldova. In second place for us was the yodel-rap from Romania ('Yodel It') and third place went to the Australian representing Denmark, Anja with 'Where I Am'. In 2017 Denmark gave Australia's it's only televote and we, in return, gave them their highest televote score. The Portuguese winner came fourth in the Australian public vote.

2018: Israel - Netta - Toy

After two years of not voting for the winner, Australia returned to the contest favourite with Netta's 'Toy' the top entry among the Australian televote. Denmark's Game of Thrones inspired 'Higher Ground' was in second place and Ireland rounded out the top three with the same-sex dancers winner over many here. Surprisingly 'Fuego' was outside the top three in fourth place.

2019: Norway - KEiiNO - Spirit in the Sky

Australia agreed with the public vote of Europe and chose Norway's Eurobanger 'Spirit in the Sky' as their winner. Iceland's Hatari with Hatrið mun sigra was second favourite among Australians and rounding out a Scandi trifecta, third place went to John Lundvik from Sweden with 'Is it Too Late for Love?'. The Dutch winner Duncan Laurence finished fifth in the Australian televote.

So there we have it, half the time Australians agreed with the winner and half the time we have gone for some well... interesting but generally fun and up-beat choices. Sweden appeared four times in the top three while Ireland, Denmark and Greece popped up three times.

But even though Australians sometimes have some wacky taste, they always find a spot for the subtle winners high in their vote. Let's see how our taste develops in the 2020s.


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