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The alternative Eurovisions you can vote in for 2020

Following the cancellation of Eurovision in Rotterdam, countless fan polls and other contests are being held to try and work out who was the best song this year?

We give you the key contests you can both vote and watch to get your Eurovision 2020 fix.

1. SBS: 'Eurovision 2020: A Big Night In!'

SBS are giving Australians the chance to enjoy Eurovision on a Saturday night in May with a countdown show of the songs from 40th to 1st (not 41 as you can't vote for Australia!).

Myf Warhurst and Joel Creasey will host the show which will feature special guest appearances from big names across the globe and an exclusive studio performance from Montaigne, giving audiences the first look at the performance she would have unveiled in Rotterdam.

You can at by 3 May and the show will take place Saturday 16 May at 7:30pm (much better than a 5:00am wake up call!).

2. Eurojury

In its eighth year Eurojury is a contest which brings a music jury and public poll approach to fan contests.

This year there are 180 artists in the juries include Conchita, Dami Im and Emmelie de Forest and it's a contest that Aussievision is officially supporting in 2020.

The jury score will be combined with a public vote that you can take part in here:

Eurojury has predicted the past two Eurovision winners as well as those who did very well with the jury such as Sweden in 2019, Austria in 2018 and Australia in 2017.

The results will then be tallied for three online live broadcast shows:

  • Semi Final 1 - Monday 27 April 9:00pm CET (5:00am AEST Tuesday 28 April)

  • Semi Final 2 - Wednesday 29 April 9:00pm CET (5:00am AEST Thursday 30 April)

  • Grand Final - Friday 1 May 9:00pm CET (5:00am AEST Saturday 2 May)

They will be broadcast here:

3. Eurostream

Eurostream is a project brought together by over 20 Eurovision fan sites including ourselves Aussievision, ESCXTRA and (who are responsible for the voting of ESC250 every year).

It will also use a 50/50 split between music juries and also a public vote. However the public vote will take place live on the night of the shows. on the 5, 7 and 9 May.

We were lucky enough to carry out the draw for the first Semi Final drawing out Sweden to open the show, Australia in 4th and Ukraine to close.

And in a bonus YOU can read out the scores from your national jury - find out more about that here:

Eurostream 2020 can be found on Facebook and Twitter, where the latest information about the upcoming event will be shared. For answers on more practical questions regarding the project, broadcasts and voting, head to

4. OGAE Song Poll

OGAE is the official global fan club organisation with clubs in almost every Eurovision nation (as well as a 'Rest of the World' club).

Each year each club votes on their favourite songs leading up to the contest and despite the cancellation, this year is no exception.

Former winners including Eurovision champions 'Toy' for Israel, 'Only Teardrops' for Denmark and 'Molitva' for Serbia, as well as fan favourites like 'Soldi' and 'Occindetali's Karma' for Italy, 'J'ai Cherche' for France and 'In a Moment Like This' for Denmark.

To vote either join or get details from your local OGAE club.


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